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Nodes of Ranvier
Lost Senses, More Innocence

How good is this album? I bought it on December 30th, 2002, and it made it onto the top 10 that quickly. Upon perusing a Hot Topic for the first time ever, I happened to see this CD and proceeded to purchase it, having heard very little of the bandís actual music before. I possess very few Christian metal albums not on Solid State records because of how hard to find they are, so I leaped at the opportunity to acquire another Facedown disc. What I got was a wonderful metalcore album. Metalcore is an extremely popular style, particularly with Christian bands, so itís worth noticing only when a band pulls it off exceptionally well. This is the case with Nodes of Ranvier, surely one of the greatest forces in Christian metalcore. I donít have a WHOLE lot to say about this album because it hasnít really had time to sink in, but the lyrics and music are extremely good and the simple fact that it jumped so high on the countdown so quickly should speak volumes about its greatness.

Number 5!