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[ August 2, 2002 ]

[ August 5, 2002 ]

[ August 7, 2002 ]

[ October 12, 2002 ]

Here's my Anniversary Gift for Teddy. It's a drawing and it's stinky.

Here's Teddy's Prom Pic held at FD. It's in black and white cuz... he only has a black and white scanner.

Here's my 10 month Anniversary drawing of a simple rose...

August 2, 2002 - June 18, 2003

Ted and I have parted ways, 2 months before our 1 year anniversary. There was no anger in our conversation but there was sadness. It was his decision and I accept it. I will never describe this as "breaking up", only as simply departing. He doesn't want me to suffer and he wanted me to be happy, even if it's not with him. I still blame myself but I respect his decision. I'll always love you, Teddy Hidalgo, my first love. Home