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"Kawaii, desu ne? HELL NAW!!"

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Hey, welcome to my homepage. Since I'm in a new place, I might as well start something new, eh? I'm gonna try adding a bit more to this homepage to make it "Sheila-ish." I set this up mainly for my friends back home in Guam :) This page is still under construction cuz I haven't done HTML stuff for a long time. Just come back and visit once in a while okies?

In the meantime, please feel free to look around at the pages that are currently up. Refer to the Navigation Bar on your left.

Much Luv, Sheila

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This dinky lil webpage was updated on MARCH 15, 2005 (Vegas time)

What was updated:

My god! It's been a long time, like over a year huh? Well, most of my updates are over at XANGA . So just go on over there :) This webpage is still valuable to me, with all the pics and certain entries; they're the past. Anyways, goto XANGA!!

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