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Anatomy of the Band
(unofficial biography)

    1995: The Foo Fighters release their début album . Rock will never be the same.

        After the break up of Nirvana in 1994 (due to Cobain's death), Dave Grohl began to a form a new band, using some of his recording he made while still drumming for Nirvana as a foundation for the band.  Grohl met former Sunny Day Real Estate bassist Nate Mendel through his wife, and soon both Mendel and former Sunny Day Real Estate drummer William Goldsmith joined the band. Lastly, Pat Smear, a former Germs and Nirvana guitarist, was added to the line up. The band was complete, all they needed now was a name....and an album to release.

    The band named themselves "the Foo Fighters." Foo Fighters were the names given to unidentified flying objects spotted by the US Air Force when they were patrolling German airspace near the end of WWII.   Their first single, "This is a Call," was released in June 1995 and introduced the world to the Foo Fighters.  Following the single, they released their self titled album in July of 1995

    After touring and promoting their first album, the foos headed back to the studio and began recording their next album. However, during recording, tension grew and William Goldsmith left the band. This meant that Dave Grohl was left to do the rest of the drumming on the album. In 1997 they finished recording and  released the second album, The Colour and the Shape. Shortly after the release of The Colour and the Shape, Taylor Hawkins joined the band as the new drummer. Franz Stahl, a former guitarist of Scream, replaced Pat Smear after he left later in 1997.

    Franz Stahl left shortly after joining the band, leaving Dave Grohl, Taylor Hawkins, and Nate Mendel as the current line up in 1998. They headed back to the studio once again to produce and release did you read my info Nothing Left to Lose.  After the release, No Use for a Name guitarist Chris Shiflett joined the band, creating the current line up. In  2002, the Foo Fighters released One by One. Currently, they are touring and promoting this album.

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