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"I wish my life could be given to one of the babies who died at birth so they could experience life, I hate it."

My Ashen Rose.. By John Harkins
To feel my loss is to give you the pain of the world. To sympathize is to invite the straight path to curl. To me, the pain she caused can only be paid by those it hit worst. For her crime, she'll taste the fatal curse. Her screams shall ring in the quiet eternity of her final nights. She will bleed, wreathe, and suffer for her flight. She fled and escaped me when we were close, and now she'll fade away like an ashen rose. The hurt and agony are a thing to repay, and now she'll never see the day. Masked in light and cloaked by flame, her pain is only hers to blame. Left me when there was nothing wrong, stepping away and singing her pitiful song. Now the coming of death is here, but it is a shame I still hold her dear. She tried to say she used me like the rest, but together, she said I was her best. Now the gates of my sorrow open and flood, raging to draw her tasteless blood. Roasted her and sent her to which she came, for her hell, eternity bound by flame. I lay her to rest in a wooden chest. Now the time draws to a close, where I crumble to meet her, my ashen rose.

Untitled.. By Morgan Edelman
In the midst of darkness, The wind blows solomly.
It's eye watching suspiciously,
From the dark, immortal walls of
Endearing secrets.
The apparition shows it's idenity.

Your naked insignificance,
Burns me to my angst-ridden soul.
Suicidal thoughts become empty inside,
As the child cries.
The little girl you once knew,
Alters from beneath your eyes.

The Tormentor.. By John Harkins & Morgan Edelman
My immortal dreams fall behind me,
As I race to escape the pain given from thee.
As the adrenaline rushes throughout my lifeless body,
My soul being dragged away into bleak eternity.
It takes me unto the darkness of the shadows,
The fear of death gone with my heart hallowed,
It secludes thee as it comes closer,
Alone I face the skeletal horror, the eternal tormentor.
The fear becomes tragically worse as my sight leaves me,
I bid farewell in hoarse whispers to my friends as I feel my spirit becoming free.
I feel death ripping towards me as I ponder,
"When will hell finally take my spirit away from thee?"
It grips with an icy hand and leads me away from the day, and I realize I no longer fear it.
It was a friend I have never met before.
And I wish to return to life, never more.

The Nightmare.. By John Harkins & Morgan Edelman
The dreams haunt me,
But the nightmares seem like a perpetual bliss.
A shadow trying to break free,
But the new lasos thrown to bind never miss,

Once again I awake to the horrid darkness
To the walls painted of nothing
It's the corner of my mind, the parts of life that are a mess
It's my life, my ways, my state of being

Locked in a fight to stay as I am
I just want life to stop being so painful
I can change the way it thinks; this I know I can
Everyone says you must be so careful

I don't understand how life can be so despairing
Time is trapped between phases
Why can't people help others like me and be more caring
Society is just a group of headcases

You all call me crazy, you're the ones who are insane
I thought I could love, but I was wrong.
Everyone is just so vain
Meanwhile you realize everything is gone

It has vanished from beneath your eyes,
Dominating you fears
You once again feel empty inside
There are no more tears

The Pleasure Of Pain..By Morgan Edelman
Lost within the pleasure of pain,
Life is so hard to abstain,
From the contradicted words of society.
This is my heart twisted to nothing.
You have drilled a hole in my skull
It's your fantasy.
The sun is still shining,
The moon still there.
In my world you don't see that.
There's one thing missing,
The pleasure.
It's what you feel,
How you discriminate,
How you determine when your going to,
Die or just stop living.
Or when life turns over,
To the other side,
You snap to reality,
Nothing is here,
But you and me,
In this dream,
Of the pain of pleasure.

Your's Only..By Morgan Edelman
I can't place my hate into your visions,
Depriving you of all that is not yours.
Thus the result of your actions.
As you crawl on all fours.
Beg for mercy for all is gone.
For the sinful thoughts have subsided.
You shall be withdrawn,
From the wisdom thats been divided..
Your eyes are turning red,
Glowing suspiciously in the darkness,
Your not dead.

Closure..By John Harkins & Morgan Edelman
The ground coming ever closer,
This is what I sought, a real closure.
Intertwined with the sky,
It is falling watch me fly.
The people turn to stare,
As I soon finish all my cares.
Society is blind to my need,
I needed someone on whom to lean.
No one cared, not at all.
I decided to take this fall.
Don't intervine with my misery,
My sight has become blurry.
I lost it all in a sturggle to survive,
I wanted it to end and never revive-
Now that all is lost,
It's the end of the sincere cost.
Thus has been taken away from me,
Forever taken from my body.
So all is darkening and becoming blurred,
The sound on the ground is the last thing I heard.
As you watched me fall,
It is the end after all.


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