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I'm going to leave most of this page up just for fun...but I am retired from appearing as Elvis.  I never looked much like Elvis and could only sing passably well.  After observing myself and others I feel only guys that have a good Elvis look and a great voice should appear in public.  That takes me out.

The group I mention below became the Texas Elvis Explosion ( ).  One of us, Donny Edwards, moved to Vegas and has made it big! We had very little to do with that, his looks, voice, and hard work on moves & performing did it all.

Another ETA and I started a Blues Brothers act, and I am a much better "Elwood" than now I appear only as Elwood.  We formed a top-notch legends group in the Houston, TX area, the American Rock Legends ( ). 

I have had so much fun meeting other guys, learning about Elvis & his music, and performing.  Thanks to all of you for being a part of my life that has been lots of fun.

Mike Powell 4-5-06

References for Elvis Jumpsuits, Accessories, and Costume Making Supplies 

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No fancy graphics, javascript, flash or other time-wasting items...just good references for the Elvis Impersonator...updated 2-8-03.

My jumpsuit from

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Welcome! I'm Mike Powell, an Elvis Presley impersonator living in the Southeast Texas, USA area.  Two years ago I started making an "Aloha from Hawaii" jumpsuit, with the goal of being 100% accurate with Elvis' suit.  I had a hard time finding many of the items I needed.  I visited a lot of local craft stores (generally too expensive for the quantities needed) and performed a lot of searches on the internet for suppliers.

This page is set up to:

Click a link at the bottom of the page  that interests you.  Thanks for visiting - TCB!

NEW 2-8-03 The group of ETAs I'm in is still going strong.  We made a 2003 calendar and Christmas CD, and had a great time at the Houston Thanksgiving Day Parade and the Houston Marathon.  A show is scheduled at Dave & Buster's in Austin and with the Diamond Express Opry.  See our site at .

NEW 9-4-02 A background track for "A Little Less Conversation," the "Elvis vs. JXL" version that is on the charts now, is available at for $7...A MUST HAVE.  I've heard that Kings Tracks has one out now, as well.

NEW 9-4-02 Yahoo Groups are cool! There are several good Elvis and ETA groups.  I started one for the SE TX ETA group and it has been very useful because: 

1)When a message is posted to the group, everyone in the group gets it...a great way to keep in contact;
2) You can store up to 20 MB of files in the group INCLUDING video and audio clips...and you can link to the clips from other web pages; 
3) When I started a Yahoo Group for the SE TX ETA group, it registered our web site BIG TIME with Yahoo.  
I don't know if the Yahoo search engine gives more weight to web sites listed on Yahoo Groups but as soon as I started the Yahoo group, our web site started taking A LOT of hits. 

Yahoo groups I'm a member of: - The group for the SE TX ETAs - A very active group for ETAs (they tend to dwell on a few select ETAs and argue about them...but still I've gotten some good information from this group)

WELCOME to all coming here from!!! I appreciate the link to my site! If you haven't been to ladyluckmusic, you MUST go there! They put together a show each month using different ETAs...extremely well done.  They also have interviews and information all ETAs need to know, AND have probably the best listing anywhere of active ETAs, their emails and web sites.  I've been saying it for months, I have GOT TO make some digital audio files and send to them...LOVE THE SITE.

NEW 4-27-02: See pictures of the actual Peacock belt and Aloha cape, which I took at Gallery Furniture (the owner paid $65,000 for the cape!) Also a '56 Lincoln owned by Elvis.  Click here.

I would like to record each Impersonator that visits this site...please sign the guestbook below...THANKS!

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