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Band Members

Kirk Brandon
Born August 3, 1956.Founding member of TOH after being in the bands Stigmata, The Caine, and The Pack.

Simon Werner
Played guitar for Stone Crazy and The Skulls before joining The Pack. He played in TOH until after Original Sin was released.

Jonathan Werner
Bass player for The Pack and brother of Simon Werner. Replaced by Steve Guthrie.

Jim Walker
Drummer for The Furies and then Public Image Ltd. with Johnny Rotten until he joined The Pack. Did not make the transition to TOH

Jamie Stewart ?
Several sources claim that it was Jamie from Crisis who replaced Jonathan Werner before Stan joined the band. After TOH he went on to Ritual before joining the Death Cult, and The Cult.

Luke Rendel
Drummer for TOH until Nigel Preston was brought in.

Stan Stammers
Bassist from The Straps, replaced either Jamie Stuart or Jonathan Werner in TOH. Stan was there in time for the first TOH concert where he fell off stage. He stuck with Kirk as bass player up until 1986 when he formed the retro-rock Crazy Pink Revolvers. He reappeared in the 90's for The Marquee appearance, as well as the TOH tour, Law, and 10:51 before then went on his own with Boy Boy Nova and The Plastic Eaters. Stans bass playing made up a good deal of the songs for TOH, since many relied on bass rather then guitar for their sound.

Steve Guthrie
Replaced Simon Werner on guitar and then disapeared.

John Boy Leonnard
A classically trained saxaphonist, John brought plenty to TOH's sound. After TOH he formed The Diodes, and then popped up briefly for Prisoner of Love. He reappeared for Law and the following tour. John was also a professional Canadian squash player.

Billy Duffy
Guitar player from Lonesome No More before joining TOH. Although his picture is on the Westworld CD, his guitar work is only featured on The Hop single. Left to join The Death Cult and then The Cult where he became one of the more famous guitar players of the 80's. He is currently reunited with The Cult.

Nigel Preston
TOH's best drummer, allegedly kicked out for falling asleep at the drum set and drug problems. He went on to drum for The Sex Gang Children(named after an early Boy George project). He was traded to The Death Cult for Ray Mondo(ex. Ritual) who ended up being deported to Sierra Leone. Sadly, Preston died a on 7-5-92.

Mick Jones
Guitarist for The Clash. Played guitar on a good amount of Westworld as well as producing it.

Chris Bell
Drummer from King Trigger and then Thompson Twins before joining SOD. The picture on the back of the Grapes of Wrath LP truely does him no justice, as he did not have curly hair, and in concert didn't look so prissy. Chris's drumming was truely excellent as can be heard on Live at the Ace and The Preacher Live among others. After leaving SOD he went on to The Specimen and then Gene loves Jezebel.

Lascelles James
Sax player from Boney M and Mighty Diamonds. He also produced an album for Ellis Alton. When he joined SOD he brought his own unique style to the table. James was probably the most vocal member that SOD had besides Kirk himself. Unfortunately replaced by Lennard for Prisoner of Love. James went on to play sax for reggae stars Dennis Brown and The Status Crew.

Brian "Dolphin" Taylor
The drummer from The Tom Robinson Band and Stiff Little Fingers. SOD's best drummer, with a knack for changing up the beat during the songs. Live, he provovided backing vocals using a bulky wireless headset. After the lineup change, Taylor rejoined Stiff Little Fingers, where he remained until 1996 when he quit to spend more time with his family.

Neil "Old Bluff" Pyzer
Keyboard player for Howard Devoto and The Case. Initially played keyboards for SOD in mid-83 and then took up the saxaphone when Lennard left. Pyzer played keyboards primarily, although he played sax on Land of Shame, midway through Once in Her Life Time, The Wheel, The beginning and end of Rainmaker, and the videos for Prisoner of Love and All My Love, although live he didn't play the sax on those songs. After leaving SOD, Pyzer popped up briefly in Crazy Pink Revolvers.

Mickey Donnelly
Played sax in The Case with Pyzer, then joined SOD right after Lennard left. In SOD Mickey played sax except on Young Men and whole World Waiting when he played the flute, Somewhere in the East where he played the clarinet, and Westworld, Original Sin, and parts of Liberator where he played the drums along with Taylor. When he wasn't playing sax, Mickey was playing various percussion instruments. Made a brief appearance in Crazy Pink Revolvers after SOD.

Rusty Egan
Born 19-9-57. The drummer from The Rich Kids, then The Skids, then Visage. He joined with Kirk in 1984 to release The Original Sin/Westworld under the name of The Senate. His piano playing is featured on The Original Sin.

Alan St.Claire
Alan had played along side Pyzer in The Howard Devoto Group. He was added as a second guitar during December of 1983. He left SOD in 1986 but reapeared in 87 to replace Marco Pirroni. He continued with SOD until they disbanded in 1988.

Stevie Blanchard
The guitarist from Sector 27 and The Tom Robinson Band. He temporarily joined SOD before Outlands.

Volker Janssen
From Germany, Berlin's keyboard player, joined SOD in 1987 for Outlands. An excellent keyboard player, his work really shines on songs like Jack Straw and Tinseltown. Stayed with the band until 1992. Since then he has appeared on albums by Darryl Read and Billy Ray Martin.

Steve Barnacle
Bass player for Rick Wakeman, Doborah Harry, and Visage. Became involved with Kirk by playing bass for The Senate. Played bass for SOD during 1987.

Pete Barnacle
Drummer for the Ian Gillian Band, Broken Home, Girl, Yngwie Malmsteen, and Visage. Played drums for SOD from 1987 until 1991. Later played with Misha Calvin

Gary Barnacle
A sessions player that has appeared on to many albums to list. Some include The Ruts, Visage, Elvis Costello, Public Image Ltd., Soft Cell, Madness, and The Cutting Crew. He was never much of a member of SOD, but he played sax at Wembly on 12-6-87. Since then he has played with Die Laughing, Jamiroquai, and Bjork.

Mike Proctor
Briefly the guitarist for SOD after the Outland european tour. Became involved with SOD because he knew Volker Janssen

Marco Pirroni
Guitar player from Siouxsie and the Banshees, The Infants, Adam and the Ants and The Models. His guitar is featured on Outland. After SOD Marco returned to Adam and the Ants, where he remains.

Chris Bostock
Bass player from Jo Boxers who joined SOD for The Price You Pay. Played with Vic Goddard and The X-certs.

Bobby Rae Mayhem
Drummer for SOD during Law. According to Kirk, he was not a very pleasant person.

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