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Hey my darlings! Site revamped! Let me know what you think of the new look. The old one was not saved and will not be coming back. Enjoy! Love you all. xoxoxo. Oh, and sign the guestbook!!!
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Cool sites you should check out and links to pages of this site.

Fitshaced, my fave online magazine
Katie's Military Ball pics
My Military Ball pics
My page of quotes
My page of more quotes
My page of dead baby, dirty, and racist jokes
My diary and updates page
Pictures of my cousin Katie
The Satanist and the Jesus Freak
My unimpressive school assigned website
George W. Bush quotes and links to other anti-Bush sites
Josh's website (not Washu)
Click here to see me pimpin' my hos... the best part is this guy think's I'm actually a pimp!
Pics of me in my prom dress
Pictures from prom
Flatmates.. Steve and Wil's awesome comic. I'm the new character :)
New Diary Page (from 1-12-02 on)
Things I love and hate. Also brand promotion.
My dreams
Pics from my birthday party
Dead Katie pics