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April 24, 2000

Victory Programs


The Aerosmith Song You May Never Hear

An older News Post received from rock this way

April 21, 2000

Joey Kramer to be on Boston TV tonight

This was from Rock This Way:

The new Aerosmith tribute out on August 1st

April 18, 2000

Aerosmith on TV

I updated my Aerosmith on TV section today. Check it out... click here


April 14, 2000

Slow down? Dream On

By Ken Barnes

Aerosmith, the 30-year-old institution that saluted The Beatles with a raucous cover of Come Together, understands the dynamics that shape and shatter bands.
   "I've seen the movie," guitarist Joe Perry jokes. "If you take the premise that they patched their differences and pressed the reset button, I think The Beatles would have kept pushing the edge, even with the old style rock they did. Given that they were the some of the most talented musicians to walk the planet in our generation, they could have persevered without fading. They'd be playing stadiums."  
   A decline in output and market share would not have diminished The Beatles stature.
   "They would have played Vegas like Elvis," Perry says. Elvis settled into being a caricature, but he's still revered as The King. Look at the Stones. Without pushing the edge musically, they have made good records; a couple great. I can't imagine The Beatles being anything less. In 200 years, when people read about pop music, The Beatles will top the list."
   Band mate Steven Tyler says an intact Beatles would have "continued on the same track, making diversified music and getting so esoteric they might have spread themselves out to an oblivion. They might not have toured, certainly not for money, because the music was getting so intricate they'd need to bring a 50-piece orchestra on the road. But I could se them setting up under the Eiffel tower for a millennium concert."
   Lennon and McCartney , "crazed by their own demons and muses, would have been forced to continue creating. Whether they did so together would have depended on how pull their wife would have had on them."
   The band would not have lost it's relevance or fan base. "Once you stick it out that long you can almost do no wrong," Tyler says. Every Beatle album was an epiphany that pinpointed a moment in time. People want to reminisce about their youth. If Jimi Hendrix were alive, their would be a lot of 70-year-old bald guys with walkers rocking out at his concerts."
   Bands ripped apart by clashing egos often reconcile for the sake of the music. That incentive eluded The Beatles. "They had done it all, so they didn't care," Tyler says. They did more by their third album than we'll do in our whole career."

USA Today

Aerosmith Bow Out Of Blockbuster Movie Theme

rock this way

April 13, 2000

Aerosmith Pull Off Of Soundtrack "update"

The New Tribute Album Update


Liv in April Allure Magazine

The April issue of Allure asked various celebrities "what have you read about yourself that isn't true?"


April 12, 2000

Aerosmith Pull Off Of Soundtrack

 Aerosmith has pulled out of the soundtrack of the upcoming Touchstone remake of the 1974 B-movie "Gone In 60 Seconds." A source at Disney's Touchstone Pictures confirms that the band had been expected to contribute a new song to the Jerry Bruckheimer production, but that late last week, word was passed down that the band would not be involved.


AeroDays and AeroNights

Last week, the entire band spent some time in Joe's studio…

On individual notes, Brad and Karen went to a toga, toga, toga party last night! No word if they donned as ancient Roman gods, nevertheless, Brad and Karen had a great time amongst all the toga'ers! Joey, bad-ass drummer, Kramer; has been trekking through Boston in his new Plymouth Prowler! So if you spot a yellow-haired dude prowlin' around town in a sheek black Prowler, it just may be Aerosmith's drummer! Don't follow him to the gas station though…


April 9, 2000

                                      Demon Of Screamin' Limerick File

Steven Tyler in a spacesuit? Steven Tyler reciting saucy limericks from outer space? That's right, check out the Demon of Screamin' in AeroAnimation @ In "Limerick From Beyond the Unknown," Steven speaks of a "Girl From Tabrook" with a surprise sidekick. It's sleek, it's cool, and it's out of this world! You've go to see it to believe it!


                                             Tom Hamilton Album Update

AF1 has always brought its crewmembers on the up and up regarding the Boston Boys upcoming album. There has been a flurry of excitement and anticipation regarding the work in progress - our favorite bass player candidly speaks of Aerosmith's stage in the "creative process" @

"Once again I'm in a quandary over what to say and what not to say. We spent the better part of last week in the studio but I can't really say what for. People probably already know anyway. So what the hell, we... not so fast. I ain't gonna be the one who can't keep his mouth shut. Let's just say that the creative process is well under way up here in the cold, sloppy Northeast. Actually the cold is just about over. This will be the first time in a few years where we'll be home for the transition from winter into spring. I'm ready. People keep saying it was a mild winter. I think that's a friggin' oxymoron.

It's been a good winter for bangin' the strings. No, I don't mean having sex with the violin players. I mean practicing. Woodshedding. Schooling. You're never done. You always want to get it better. Still looking to hear the same thing you wanted to hear when you first started. You catch up, then it pulls away. Luckily it's a blast and you can't get enough. Speaking of which... "

Tom Hamilton Boston Globe Article 4/7/00

April 7, 2000

Matt Serletic on the progress of the new album


Hamilton warbles over sick songbird

The Latest News on The Doors tribute

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April 3, 2000

Steven to sing at Victory Programs' 25th anniversary dinner

              Boston Globe

April 2, 2000

Liv Tyler

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More on The Doors tribute album

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