Sparring Tips

Sparring Tips - Tournament Fighting

Fake Triple Punch - Fake a head punch to get the opponent to open his torso - reverse punch to the ribs - backfist to face - step forward and reverse punch.

Counter Against Roundhouse Kick - Right kick - block with rear hand - then follow with an immediate straight left while shuffling forward - then come back with a straight right.

Backfist - Stand within reach - put weight on back leg - when ready to stike bring hip forward.

Roundhouse - Within striking distance - slide off back foot on toes - with weight on back leg.

Reverse Punch - Push downward so opponents side is open when striking.

Reverse Punch - Bring other hand down - back hand - 1-2-3 - strike with reverse punch.

Straight Punch - Use hand in front for striking.

Tips to Remember

If opponent drops one hand - take one step over.

Watch hip coming forward - be ready to strike and counter.

Never let opponent get more than two strikes - be ready to strike back.

Always be loose - Never tighten up

Be within striking distance.

When blocking - block hard so opponent will be less apt to kick.

If opponent hops - do a three count as he hops and strike.

Leg Checking - throws mental state off.

Bring stance down low - just low enough to dig feet to ground.

Take two steps back - then move to side.

Motion Ecomony

Momentum should be employed to overcome resistance.

Momentum should be reduced to a minium if it must be overcome by muscular effort.

Continuous curved motions require less effort then straight line motions involving sudden, sharp changes in directions.

Allow free and smooth motion, it's faster, easier, and more accurate then restricted or controlled movements.

Hesitation should be eliminated from the performance.

Training Ideas

Warm Up - A 5 minute movement and light punching round on the bag is great. Keep in motion continually, move around the bag throwing punches easliy with little power. Your heart rate will increase, and your body will be nice and warm, ready to stretch.

Round Fighting - Effective for drilling power and endurance. Keep track of the time of each round, and give yourself enough time to relax and recuperate between rounds. Mix round fighting with more specific techniques, it can make the workout go quicker. Start out slowly, and build up to longer rounds.

Single Techniques - Drilling single techniques lets you concentrate on specific form and technical problems, and lets you master techniques before they are put into combinations.

Combinations - Combination work helps you see what goes together well, and what techniques are effective. You may want the bag to swing freely, or have it held by a partner. It's very effective in training your positioning when throwing techniques because you have to be aware of distance and timing.

Flying Kicks - Working flying kicks on the heavy bag allows you the fun of doing them and experiencing the power behind them, along with giving you a good work out at the same time.

Swinging Bag - To really test the power and focus of your techniques, start the bag swinging and then meet the bag with your technique as it swings toward you. The swing increases the bag's effective weight, or makes it harder for you to stop the bag or have any effect on it at all.

Target Kicking - Using tape, mark the bag at different heights, then, as you do techniques, concentrate on focusing on those targets.

Rushing - Seeing the bag as your opponent, try to rush it, using effective combinations as you move in.

Countering - Imagine blocking or evading an attack, then countering as soon and with as much power as possible. Practice using different angles, experimenting with combinations along with moving and distance.

Control - When drilling techniques, don't always hit the bag as hard as you can. Experiment with focus, sometimes hitting the bag hard and sometimes hitting the bag only a little bit. Try setting up different techniques and to develop what works best for you.

Philosophy of a Champion

Never change what works.

Grasp whatever you can, be open minded about everything.

Learn what you want to learn, but never close your mind to something different.

Knowing yourself helps you to know others.

Never stop learning, never limit yourself to what you think you may attain.

To be in 100 percent physical shape you must first be in 100 percent mental shape.

Respect your judgement. Remember, you cannot fool yourself.

Take defeat as a process of learning.

Never degrade yourself by thinking negativly.

If you lose, figure out why you lost and find the defenses which will help you the next time.

In and out of the ring, the secret of a martial artist is to control his or her anger.

Learn to train your mind to be ahead of your body.

Beat the pain mentally and you can go on forever.

Don't try to be just as good as somebody else, strive to be better.

The way you train is the way you react.

Martial Arts is a way of life. It teaches you how to be humble, respectful, and how to walk with the lord. The Martial Arts is a great overall conditioning for the mind and body to become one.

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