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Assembly Language

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In this section you'll find sources of applications that some programmers have doen. If you know something about assembly and if you have some observation, please advise me.



      A fine asm source-code to a vga intro A 3D starfield, a scroller and a palette fading. Code by : Vulture. Version 1.0 (62 KB).
Music and Sounds
      Tiny MOD Player v0.1 (14 KB) 286/VGA/SB module player, supports 15 or 31 instruments module formats. Requires only 33 kB of free memory
Bricks by Tylisha C. Andersen. When you execute this program you will not believe it. It's a .COM file that includes a game of bricks: only 4KB!!!! I've taken it from the old but wonderful electronic magazine Programming Tips and Tricks, a free digital magazine edited by Tenie Remmel .


      GetEnv (3.69 KB) utility that gets the enviroment variables. Coded by me.


Skelets (10 KB) Source code that ilustres how to create a little text editer for Windows with assembly language. Made by me. (MASM).

    Calculator (132 KB) Source code of a fabulous calculator. By Ewayne. It supports floating point, trigonometrical functions, logarithm, binary,octal, hexadecimal digits and more. Source code included. (MASM).
    NetWalker Windows Debugger (135 KB) I can't share comercial debuggers. But I can do something best: share a Windows debugger with the source code written by NetWalker.
    Fly (17.2 KB) Source code that ilustres how to use a taskbar icon like user interfase and how to shutdown Windows. Coded by me. (MASM).
    VOLKT v1.0 (2.12 KB) Source code that ilustres how to load PE DLLs, and OCX files in memory and dump them to the hard disk. Useful for unpack and uncrypte this type of files. Coded by me.
Process Studio v0.3 (29.0 KB) This program permits view runnig process in Windows 9x and 2000. Permits make some changes over those process. The source code shows:
        How get the list of process in your Windows system PC using the ToolHelp32 function, that are not availables in Windows NT
How to display this list in a list view control.
        How to obtain the ID and the handle of a remote process.
How to kill a remote process.
How obtain and display the sections of a module.
        Some bugs have been fixed in the PE sections dialog box.
Display the modules in the memory of a process.
        Runs in Windows 2000.
       Changes in the partial dumper.

Coded by me. (MASM).

( 01 / 2K1 )
LoaderGen v0.1 Code of a programm to insert a DLL in a remote process and modify it. Coded by me (MASM). Thanks PoOrMaN ; - )

        Added code to detect entry point.
        The insert code has been improved.

haZedor v1.63 Patcher engine. Coded by Jotake (99%) and me (1%).

Tools writen by me to obtain information and data from PE files:

IMPORT: shows info about the functions imported by a executable PE module. The info is displayed in a treeview control. Now informs the virtual adress where the loader of the system save the address where the program has to jump to give the contro to the imported function. This jump is called thunk.

EXPORT: shows info about the functions exported bay a pe file like DLL or OCX files in a listview control. The info is displayed in a listview control.

kiKo v0.22 (32 KB) A resource's dumper. Shows the resource tree of a PE file and permits to dump icons, bitmap, etc. to the hard disk. Coded by me. MASM.
· Runs in Windows 2k
· Now you can to dump a functional icon file from a PE file


AMAIL Email client. Writen by me (MASM).

Iczelion's win32asm http downloader (116 KB) This program makes uses of include files and import libraries from MASM32 and libz package so be sure to download them as well. This program demonstrates how to create window sockets and how to send and receive data from the sockets. You'll see the hypertext transfer protocol implemented in this program too. (MASM).

PCMAIL (14 KB) Email client demonstrates usage of MAPISendMail. By Virogen.

E-Mail manager (20 KB) By Jimmy Moore. (TASM).

JeJeConnex (5 KB) Program with asm source code that demonstrate:
      how obtain the number of entries in a remote access
       phone book
      how obtain info about a entry
      how dial throw that entry
Writen by me.Thanks to arnold.


Multimedia (73 KB) Source code that ilustres how to create a MIDI and WAVE player with NASM assembly language. Coded by me. (NASM).

       sonic-drum42 (453 KB) I love this project. The best where I've worked. It's a very good example how to program win32nasm: sliders, bitmap, editbox, checkbox, icon, menu, etc...
Was made using the fmod.dll ver 3.2a: and is friendware 8-).
Coded by PedroGC and  n u M I T_o r. Thank you +Pedro.

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Assembly language

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