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Interstate 57, Illinois
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Interstate 57 is the longest interstate in Illinois, at 358 miles. I-57 runs north-south interstate through Illinois. The highway starts in Chicago at Interstate 94, and ends in far-southern Illinois at the Missouri State Line.
While in Illinois, I-57 is Multi-plexed several times.

I-57 is multi-plexed with...
...Interstate 70, around Effingham, IL

...Interstate 64, around Mt. Vernon, IL

...U.S. Rt. 51, from near Dongola, IL to near Future City, IL.

Interstates that I-57 crosses while in Illinois.

Interstate 94, (Dan Ryan Expressway/Bishop Ford Freeway)at Chicago

Overhead sign on NB I-57.

Overhead marker on NB I-57. This replaced the one below.

Signage for I-94 on NB I-57 at Halsted Street (IL St Rt 1) in Chicago. (2002)

Overhead sign on NB I-57 at I-94. (2002)

NB I-57 at I-94.

Interstate 294, (Tri-State Tollway) at Harvey (NO INTERCHANGE)

Sign on NB I-57 near I-80 informing motorist how to get to I-294.

Interstate 80, at Tinley Park.

EB I-80 at I-57

BGS for I-80 on NB I-57.

Another BGS on NB I-57.

NB I-57 at EB I-80.

NB I-57 at WB I-80.

Interstate 74, at Urbana

BGS on SB I-57.

SB I-57 near I-74.

SB I-57 at I-74.
Interstate 72, (Central Illinois Expressway) at Champaign

Second BGS on SB I-57.

BGS at the 1/2 mile mark on SB I-57.

SB I-57 at I-72.

Interstate 70, at Effingham

First BGS on SB I-57. (June 2003)

Second BGS on SB I-57.(June 2003)

SB I-57 near the interchange on the northside of Effingham.(June 2003)

SB I-57 at the gore point.(June 2003)

SB I-57 at I-70 on the northside Effingham. (Aug. 2002)
Interstate 70, at Effingham.

A overhead BGS on SB I-57/WB I-70.

I-57/I-70 signage on the southside of Effingham, IL (Aug. 2002)
Interstate 64, at Mt. Vernon

I-57 southbound near I-64 on the northside of Mt. Vernon.

The first BGS on NB I-57/WB I-64.

A graphical BGS on NB I-57/WB I-64.

NB I-57/WB I-64 at thier split on the northside of Mt. Vernon.

Interstate 64, at Mt. Vernon.

The two mile BGS on NB I-57.

The one mile BGS on NB I-57.

Overhead BGS'S on NB I-57.

NB I-57 at east I-64.

A BGS one mile from the split of SB I-57/EB I-64.

Another graphical BGS on SB I-57/I-64.

SB I-57/EB I-64 at their split on the southside of Mt. Vernon.

Interstate 24, near Pulleys Mill

The first BGS on SB I-57.

The second BGS on SB I-57.

SB I-57 one mile from I-24.

SB I-57 at I-24.

A BGS on NB I-57.

The one mile BGS on NB I-57.

Another BGS on NB I-57.

NB I-57 at I-24.

There are no branches of I-57 in Illinois.

Photos of I-57 in Illinois.
Illinois/Missouri State Line to Jefferson/Marion County Line
Jefferson/Marion County Line to Coles/Douglas Country Line
Coles/Douglas County Line to Kankakee/Will County Line
Kankakee/Will County Line to 95th Street (Chicago)

18 November 2007