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Lost Tales: Tolkien

My soul's desire over the sea-torrents
forth bids me fare, that I afar should seek
over the ancient water's awful mountains
Elf-friend's island in the Outer-world.

Here you can find some of the fan fiction and parodies, inspired by Tolkien's works.


In May 2000, the "E-Text Project" was begun in the Tolkien newsgroups of rec.arts.books.tolkien and, dedicated to writing a parody of the "Lord of the Rings". Assignments to chapters were given, volunteers were asked for. You can reach the webpage for the parody through this link - it's advisable to read the chapters in order, since some jokes couldn't possibly be understood outside the context of the entire work...

Fan Fiction

Narn Hathaldir ah Aerlin:

The tale of a boy and a girl. The untold story of Hathaldir the Young, one of the twelve last companions of Barahir.

Written in alliterative verse several years ago - unfortunately that was before I quite understood the workings of alliterative verse! Therefore I am fully aware of (and apologise for) the inadequacies of this story/poem. Nonetheless, I finally decided to post it here, especially since there were a couple of positive comments when I posted it in the Usenet.

Notes: first posted 3-Nov-2000 | posted here 9-Nov-2000 | submitted to 19-Jul-2001

The Movie

The Scouring of the Shire:
A Script Treatment

Since Peter Jackson decided not to show us the Scouring in the film, and since many people claim that the Scouring couldn't be portrayed decently on screen... I decided to write the thing myself, to show how *I* would have liked to have seen it portrayed...

Mind you the script above is still a bit clumsy at spots -- I haven't gone through my usual periods of revision over revision where this is concerned -- so consider it a rough draft of something that's never meant to be. :-)

Other Works


If you haven't yet played "Deadly Rooms of Death", go and download it now. Preferably the Architect's Edition.

After finishing all the 25 original levels and a handful fan-made ones, I also tried my hand at creating a small hold of my own. And the idea of building some rooms using the idea of Moria... Well, it was amusing to me. So, I made it happen.

Nothing really demanding, this is just a small and somewhat humorous piece. Download and unzip the file, then use the Architect's edition to import and play it...

Notes: first posted here 24-Oct-2003

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