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Monster Truck Madness 2 Trucks Addon Page 1

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Pacecar Size 22k
Pacecar- This is one of a kind. this is the only place on the web you can get it and i am the only person to have made a monster truck like it. I actually made it from the pacecar that comes in the cart percision racing trial on the MTM2 cd!
ORR Van Size 84k
ORR Van- this is a repaint of Boogy Van I made for a team I am on. It is an ok truck and has a coustom wav.
Low Rider Size 10k
Low Rider- Just Bigfoot with it's tires pushed out to the sides and up.
Wheels Size 1k
Wheels- Take a ride in this version of Carolina Crusher that looks like it is doing a wheelie.
Wrong Way BigfootSize 14k
This one doesn't need a picture. It looks exactly like Bigfoot but the front is the back and the back is the front.

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