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IceHorse Info by IceRyder--Icelandic Horses

THE FILM - "Riding the Icelandic Horse"
Total running time: 24 minutes, 13 seconds.

An extraordinary film for all riders and people interested in horses.

Over the years we have discovered that there is a large gap between reading or talking about the Icelandic horse and actually riding one. It is, in fact, an indescribable experience by any means other than film or an actual ride. So we have created a movie entitled "Riding the Icelandic Horse" filmed by a leading U.S. documentary film maker that bridges the gap between talk and actually riding this magical horse.

Riding the Icelandic horse is fun, easy and natural. What you are about to see captures the joyful relationship between rider and this unique breed of horse. Going out for a ride with an Icelandic horse is a magical experience. The horse's expansive character, flexibility, unique gaits, and lightness of movement make this a ride like no other.

The central theme of this film is an exciting ride through the countryside. Let the camera put you in the saddle to see and feel what it's like to be on an Icelandic horse. This film allows you to see the horses trained and brought up at Millfarm, meet the people, and understand the philosophy behind our approach. It is all there in living color so you can decide for yourself.

Always in motion, and often provocative, this novel documentary questions many of the riding and equine conventions present in today's horse world.

"Riding the Icelandic Horse" will change the way you think and feel about horses and riding. You won't want to miss it.

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