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Icelandic Horse

General Icelandic Horse Information

The links below will give you more information about Icelandic Horses.

Icelandic Horse Connection
Icelandic Horses are versatile and can be used in almost every discipline. Here is a short video clip of Blesi, owned by Diana Cannon, jumping: Blesi. There are additional video clips at the bottom of the page.

Check the Versatility website below for information about the use of Icelandic Horses in many different disciplines.

Versatility of Icelandic Horses History of the Icelandic Horse

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The Gaits of the Icelandic Horse

Buying an Icelandic Horse

Bits and Bitting

The Seat

Video Clips

Sweet Itch (Summer Eczema)

Riding Clubs

Registry Information The Great American Horse Race

Icelandic Horse Awards FEIF Youth Camp

Gifts and Novelties

Links to Iceland

Icelandic Horse Breeders
of North America

Alfasaga Farm, Washington State

Arnarbaeli, USA, Minnesota

Arnason's Icelandic Horse Farm, Winnepeg, Manitoba, Canada

Curtis Icelandic Horse Farm, Idaho

IceHorseUSA, California

North Star Farm, Ohio

Prairie Garden Farm, Iowa

Rhythm Hill Icelandics, Idaho

Sea Chanty, Maine

Schmalztopf , Central CA

Sunland Ranch, Southern CA

TwoBit Farm, New Mexico

Unicorn Valley, Kentucky

You can go directly to Breeders Directory.

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