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Britney Spears

Well now, Britney Spears. Ever since I saw the video for ". . .Baby one more time," I've been stuck on her. If you ask anybody that knows me, I'm like way to hooked on the girl. Once I was trying to win some tickets to her concert, and I had to be caller 9. Well, long story short, I was #8 and that sucked pretty bad. That my friends, was my closest encounter with Britney. Nothing really exciting, but it took up space and let you read something that had no significance to it. So, here are some pictures of one of the hottest chicks on earth, enjoy. (If you're going to skip them you still have to scroll through them to get to the next page so you might as well look at them, you'll thank me later.) I would thumbnail the pics, but that would take time and I'm really lazy, so they're only posted.
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