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The Crew

What can I say, my friends are my family. Each one means more to me than I can write down on to this here computer. For three years now, we've gone through times when 7 of us turned to 3, and then back to around 10. Through it all, certain ones of us never left each others side. So, now I'm going to try to shout out the crew and say some stuff to do them justice:

  • Jackie--Jackie was one of the first people to actually talk to me when I got to Venus. Ever since then, she's been my best friend. She's always there to give me a ride somewhere, and it seems that when ever I go places she's usually going there too. (Maybe it's because she drives there, but you know...) When ever Joey first started going out with his girlfriend, Jackie was there for me and has stuck with my constant whining ever since. She's probably one of the biggest reasons that my relationship with God is so sweet, and all the help she's given me about chicks has helped up until the point that I screw up just because it's me. I definetly hope she finds a really good guy that will take care of her and not get in the way of her goals.

  • Joey--My dog. Joey is my other best friend. I don't really know how it happened but he and I just kind of clicked. If you ever want to have a truly good time, hang out with Joey. This boy has no shame when it comes doing truly stupid stuff. Granted he's whipped by his girl and all, but he still is the man when it comes to being stupid.

  • Krista--Krista is sort of a new installment to the crew. Just recently, I've seen how good of a person this girl is. She's really cool to hang out with just because of her random outburst like "Everybody poops" and she's not ashamed to make an idiot out of herself (unless there's a guy around that she thinks is hot.)Also, she thinks that I am going to grow up and be like this rich, hot, jewish guy with huge muscles and stuff. I guess we will see about that in a couple of years.

Ok, I know you're thinking that this is all fine and great and that Britney Spears is really hot, but what do these guys mean to you by just a bunch of words, so here I come to save the day. Click the link to see some pics of The Crew.
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