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The Beautiful People

Hey, you made it. I won't keep you in anticipation so here's the gang.

Say "hi" to The Crew; Joey, Becca, Jackie, Krista, and most importantly, Me.

Joey just couldn't keep his hands off me, back in the day when we first met.

Venus, home of all homes!

Yes Krista, Everybody does poop. Good thing she's cute, folks.

Here we are at Macaroni Grill before Prom. Going around you got; JJ, Brittany, Me, Erin, Becca, Jackie, Jacob's hair, Joey, and Amanda.

I promise I'm not touching Jackie in bad places. I don't know about her though.

As the night wound down, things were interesting. Brittany dosen't look happy, Becca's tired, I'm still pimpin' it, Erin is being Erin, and Amanda's yelling at Joey for who knows what.

Everyone's favorite couple. How touching. I think I'm going to cry.

Our youth group, The EDGE, doing what we do best. Starting bottom left; Joey, Chris, Me, Erin, Steven, Jackie, Timmy, Daniel, and grace

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