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This episode introduced us all to Sonic and the Freedom Fighters.  It actually was a promotion for the Archie comic, which was also starting at the time.  Viewers could tell with the pink Sally and smaller Roter.   Sonic runs into his now-roboticzied dog Muttski, who makes his first and only appearance on the show, and a couple Buzzbombers threaten to destroy the Great Forest at Robotnik's command.

An upset Tails goes into the forest after his request to play dirt hockey is turned down by everyone, mainly because they were busy with Bunnie's new elevator legs.  He comes across a creature called a terrapod, which is still a baby.  The baby was separated from it's original herd which is migrating to a place called Boulder Bay.   Thanks to an old device Sally once created to try and communicate with the species, the Freedom Fighters locate the herd in the Great Jungle and its metal-eating plants. They reach their destination before Robotnik can capture them for roboticization and as a bonus, they get some seeds of the metal-eating plants.   This is the ONLY time the series ever focuses on the work of Bunnie's legs, and the good-bye at the end between Tails and the baby Terrapod was so tearful, the Freedom Fighters were crying as well.

Robotnik creates a digging machine and digs underground for oil deposits.  While digging, he unknowingly digs through a lush underground with a special water that makes plants grow faster and awakens a kraken monster. Sonic accidentaly discovers this water and the Freedom Fighters try to locate the source in order to save the dying trees in the forest. The search takes them to the underground, where Sonic, Sally and Antoine are kidnapped by the kraken. This leaves Rotor alone to rescue the others and stop Robotnik's drilling snakes. Success nets them some of the water and the befriending of the kraken.  Dig that song Sonic sings while detroying the digging machine!

Sonic, Sally, and Antoine make a routine mission to Robotropolis only to end up with no way out.  That's when they are rescued by a goat named Griff, who lives with about 30 other Mobians in an underground city called Lower Mobius. The city is always on defense of Robotnik's tunneling rats, abandoned years ago by the mad doctor. But what's even worse the city's power source is dying, which will also lead to the demise of Lower Mobius and the people there. In an attempt to save the city, Griff suspiciosly develops affections for Sally, much to the jealousy of Sonic and Antoine. He offers to drive them back to surface, and when they arrive in the Great Forest, Griff makes it look like his vehicle is defective, and accepts an offer to spend the night at Knothole.  Griff then finds about the power rings and the stone that generates them, and steals the power stone during the night. Sonic finds out and goes after Griff and in the process, saves Lower Mobius from the largest of the tunnel rats.  Griff apologizes for his actions, and splits the stone with Sonic to restore power to the city.

Sonic, Sally and Bunnie set out to destroy a SWATbot factory in Robotropolis, but Sally gets caught by SWATbots before the mission is completed.  Back in Knothole, Sonic realizes this and goes back for Sally.  But instead of bringing back Sally, he brings back a robot duplicate made by Robotnik to find and destroy Knothole!  Yet no one can tell it's not the real Sally, except for Tails, who becomes suspiscious after Sally fails to give him the "funny kiss", and doesn't read him a bedtime story with a scary witch voice. The others don't believe Tails, but after returning to Robotropolis they discover the truth for themselves.  Sonic finds out in time to rescue the real Sally just before she is roboticized.  This was a very good episode that showed some of the romantic tension between Sonic and Sally, and Sally's witch voice was cool!

After failing to sabotage the roboticizer, the Freedom Fighters find a train heading for Robotnik's crystal mine. Sonic notices that one of the passengers is his roboticzied Uncle Chuck. Through a power ring, Uncle Chuck regains his free will and tells the Freedom Fighters about the giant crystal in the mine Robotnik wants to use for a new power source. But if the crystal is taken out, the ecosystem will be destroyed. Through the use of a giant excavating dino-bot, the group saves the crystal. During the escape, however, Uncle Chuck loses his free will, and Sonic has to leave him behind as a robotic slave in a tearful goodbye. This marked the debut of Uncle Chuck, and it was very emotional for Sonic.

Sonic, Sally, and Bunnie succeed in destroying Robotnik's main generator, but they are unaware of his backup. Before they can return to Robotropolis, Robotnik and Snively make a plan, announcing a race. Sonic, unable to resist, takes part versus a robotic cat who is supposedly over twice as fast as Sonic. While he races, Sal, Bunnie, and Antoine try to destroy the backup generator. When the group gets in trouble, though, Sonic abandons the race to help his friends bust the generator, knowing that it didn't matter if he won or not.

Antoine becomes jealous of Sonic after he destroys Snively's "Shredder" and wins the affection of Sally.  Rotor sarcasticly suggests to capture Robotnik, and Antoine gets unnecessarily bold and decides to use a power ring to capture Robotnik all by himself in order to impress Sally. The plan backfires (duh...), and Antoine is captured and set for robotization, and the power ring is used for a Sonic Radar, which tracks Sonic when he's running.  Sonic then goes to Robotropolis to rescue Ant while dodging the death shots of the radar.  After freeing Ant, the two head to the Great Forest, where Robotnik is about the destroy the forest with another "Shredder" machine.   It's destroyed by the Sonic Rader when Sonic stops in front of it, and moves quickly out of the way.  Robotnik corners them with a large army of SWATbots.   As he is about to fry Sonic with a laser rifle, Antoine retrieves the power ring from the Sonic Radar device, and gives it to Sonic to save the day.  This episode was good, showing Antoine trying to impress Sally. It was funny at the end when he tried to make himself a hero and no one cared. =)  Oh yeah, this ep. also marked the first on-screen kiss between Sonic and Sally!  Ooooh hot! ^_^

Robotnik launches his Skyspy satellite into space to track Knothole Village's location once and for all as a StealthBot is sent to the coordinates. Meanwhile, the rocket booster crashes near Knothole. Sonic and Rotor devise a plan to use the rocket to go up to Skyspy and trash it for their own safety. Once up in the satellite, the two outsmart the bots there in order to find the spy sensors and destroy them. The StealthBot is recalled since it no longer had a signal and after returning home, Sonic and Rotor guide the crashing satellite into the Great Unknown using Rotor's super magnet, and thus foiling Robotnik's assault plan.

Sonic begins to have a recurring nightmare where Sally is roboticized right before his eyes and he can't save her in time. Meanwhile, Sally intercepts a signal that Robotnik is planning to send acid rain clouds over the island of Nimbus. Sally, Bunnie and Antoine attempt to destroy the cloud burster before it gets to Nimbus disguised as SWATbots, but the plan fails and all are captured. When Sonic finds out, he must go to Nimbus for the save all three while trying to conquer the fear of his nightmare as well. The gang makes it out of Nimbus before it sinks into the sea and they believe Robotnik crashed in the destruction, but he got away in a stealth pod ready to plan for his next outing.  I liked this episode a lot 'cause it was another emotional time for Sonic with his dream.  And Sally saying "Where were you when the brains were handed out?" as her voice got deeper added a chill to the whole dream.

Sonic, Sally, Antoine and another Freedom Fighter named Cat sneak into Robotropolis to destroy a bot plant.  During the mission, Sally discovers a message which might be from King Acorn, which has her father's old nickname for her, "Bean". While escaping from the factory, Cat is captured. Sonic goes back for him, where Cat, preparing for robotization, informs him that Robotnik has picked up Sally and Antione's trail heading for the Dark Swamp, where Sally received the message. Sonic leaves Cat behind to join the others. Within the swamp, Sonic follows Sally and Antoine, who are heading for a place called Ironlock Prison.  They find a computer with a message from King Acorn, as well as a torn piece of his cape. The three then head through the underground of the prison to come back to Robotropolis. The Stealth Bots are destroyed, but Cat was brought to an unseen but probable fate, most likely roboticzation.  This ep. was kind of a prolouge to an episode in season 2, dealing with the missing King Acorn and Sally's emotions.

Nicole malfunctions during a waterwheel project in Knothole and Sonic and Sally head to Robotropolis for replacement parts.  After getting the parts needed, Sally wanders into a place called the Forbidden Zone.  She runs into the guardian of an old wizard named Lazar, who has a computer of powerful magic spells.  Sonic heads to Lazar's lair, betting that he could get the computer and use it against Robotnik.  However, Robo-butt gets to the spells first, and awakens Lazar in the process.  While Sonic investigates Lazar's resting place, he is captured by the wizard, whom he thinks stole his computer.  He lets Sonic go after he promises to return the computer to him.  But as a test, Lazar takes away Sonic's speed and tells him to use his brain.  Meanwhile, Robotnik uses the computer to teleport Sally and Bunnie to Robotropolis.  He also uses a submission spell to have them attack and roboticize Sonic!  Sonic, however, outsmarts Robotnik, captures the computer, and reverses the spell on the girls. The three escape and return the computer to Lazar, who gives Sonic his speed back. Lazar turns down an invitation to join the Freedom Fighters, and disappears into the Forbidden Zone. This adventure here was a good test for Sonic to use his head instead of his feet.

As the first season closes, the Freedom Fighters head for the mountain city of Maga in their new biplane, the Freedom Stormer, to search for the Secret Scrolls. Once there, they must pass several awareness tests to win the scrolls.  But at the end, they find Robotnik, Snively and a pack of SWATbots waiting for them. Sonic outsmarts Robotnik by luring him to the test called "The Breath of Mobius", a legendary wind tunnel that blows extremely strong winds.  The powerful wind blows Robotnik, Snively, and the SWATbots clear off the mountain and The Freedom Fighters leave with the scrolls, thinking that Robotnik is finally dead. However, as nightfall comes, the surviving Robotnik and Snively climb back up the mountain far after the others leave, as the crafty Doctor vows revenge once and for all.  Really nothing much to the episode except that it was funny when Sonic flew the Freedom Stormer to and from the mountain and Antoine got sick. =)

Season 2

Summary: The second and final season of the show.  Many changes were made in this season.   Sally looks different from last season, sporting a blue vest to match her boots as well as some more detail in her eyes.  This also marked the debut of Dulcy the dragon, the Wolfpack Freedom Fighters, and Sally's father King Acorn.

The second season begins with a ram named Ari is being chased by SWATbots.  Tails and Dulcy spot him and tell Sonic and Sally, who use a super magnet they found in a rundown hover unit to make the save.  Later, Ari explains that Robotnik is holding his fellow Freedom Fighters in an old fortress.  Sally gets suspicious, but Sonic trusts Ari, and sets out to help him.  Meanwhile, the other FF's find out the SWATbots' orders: "Pursue Ari, but do not capture, lure to the fortress" and realize Sonic may be in danger.  Elsewhere, Sonic brings Ari to the fortress, where Ari sets the trap before Sally and Dulcy can warn Sonic.   Robotnik then reveals his plans to Sonic: a pinball game, with Sonic as the ball, and a portal to the Void for losing!  In Robotropolis, Ari arrives, demanding Robotnik to release his Freedom Fighters since he trapped Sonic for him, but learns Robotnik broke the deal and roboticzied them all!  Sally and Dulcy break in to make the save, then head to save Sonic.  Ari steps ahead to rescue Sonic, when Robotnik sets the game to suck itself into the Void.  Ari begins to get sucked in, and Sonic goes after him to save him.  Ari tells Sonic about King Acorn's list of other Freedom Fighters, and then he loses his grip and disappears into the Void...  This ep. set up the climax for the show and debuted the Void (or the Zone of Silence in the Archie comic).

Robotnik tests his new VR ShriekBot on Sonic and Sally, but Sonic beats it.  The two then return to Knothole, where they test a deroboticizer on Bunnie, and to everyone's amazement, the test is successful!  Sonic immediatly decides to go after his Uncle Chuck so he could be derobotizied once and for all.  He restores Uncle Chuck's will with a power ring, but when the deroboticzizer is used on him, it malfunctions due to that fact the Chuck was roboticzied with an earlier version of the roboticzizer.  Sonic then goes to Robotropolis to steal the main components from the roboticizer.  When he returns to Knothole Village, the second try on Uncle Chuck succeeds.  The victory is short-lived however, as Bunnie suddenly reverts back to part-robot, and Uncle Chuck turns back into a robot without free will and captures Antoine and Tails.  Sonic follows, only to be caught in a trap of Mega Muck!  Dulcy, Sally and Bunnie help him out, and Sonic heads for Robotropolis.  He finds Uncle Chuck there, and helps him fight to regain his free will.  Its at this point that, Uncle Chuck then decides that he'll stay in Robotropolis as a spy. Sonic then proceeds to outsmart Robotnik's pumped-up VR Bot and escape with the others.  This is noted as the breakthrough episode of the show, with the return of Uncle Chuck and Sonic's emotional crying at the end.

A routine mission in Robotropolis is called off by Uncle Chuck as Sonic stays behind and makes a rescue.  During the escape, Snively zaps Sonic with a ray that makes him loses his memory. Snively convinces him that the two are friends and that the Freedom Fighters are the enemy.  He also tells Sonic to find Knothole and send the coordinates.  Once that's done, Snively plans to invade and round up the Freedom Fighters for robotization!  The others, however, manage to save Sonic from his memory loss with a power ring.  Sonic makes the save and then turns the memory ray on Snively, and convinces him that he's friends with the Freedom Fighters.   They send him back to Robotropolis and adjust the computers to put Knothole's location in the Great Swamp.  Snively tells Robotnik that he's found Knothole, and they end up searching the swamp for the village.  This episode is sometimes considered a better version of issues 27 and 28 of the Archie comic.  Snively's pestering of Robotnik at the end was great too.  It has also been said that Snively swears in the episode.  I've watched this episode a couple times and it does sound like he swears, but no one can confirm if it was actually in the script.

Sally begins to get frustrated over too many failed missions, and Sonic comments that he wishes they could've stopped Robotnik before he took over.  Dulcy suggests that they go to the Floating Island (more on this below) to use the hidden Time Stones to go back in time and save Mobius before Robotnik takes over!   The group heads there where Sonic and Sally pass a series of tests to earn the stones.  From here, Sonic and Sally find the stones after solving the riddle of the Guardian and travel back to the day of the takeover. There, they meet their younger selves, and learn from Uncle Chuck that he was the inventor of the Roboticizer, and it was to make old people live longer.  However, Warlord Julian (Robotnik's old name) stole the plans and sabotaged the invention to make it the roboticizer we know now.  The three try to warn King Acorn of the coup, but convince him too late as Robotnik attacks, kidnapping the children and storming the palace.  The attack begins his ten year reign of terror as the episode ends with the words "To be continued" appearing on the screen.

This is one of the three most remembered episodes of the show (the other two being part two of this two-parter and the series finale).  Viewers were finally able to learn the details of Doctor Robotnik's coup, how the roboticizer was invented, and best of all, see the younger selfs of the Freedom Fighters!  Sally showed great emotion during the scene where she met her father in the past, and convinced him she was really his daughter with her Royal Ring and the family's motto.  Humor was great here too; mostly with Sonic racing his younger self and when they ate chili-dogs.  Plus the script itself and the entire adventure to this point is outstanding.  Despite it's popularity, it did have it's flaws.  First off, this was a rather bad early adaption of elements in Sonic 3, which was released after this episode was made, and Sonic CD.  It can be easily stated that the Floating Island here is NOT the one we know now.  The Time Stones (taken from Sonic CD and changed some) take the place of the Master Emerald and a giant talking owl takes the place of Knuckles.

Continuing from Part 1, Sonic escapes with Sally under insistence from Uncle Chuck.  However, they end up being captured.  Robotnik then proceeds to change the city of Mobotropolis to its present state of Robotropolis, and sends out a destructive blimp to decimate the countryside! Sonic and Sally escape and rescue the kids, thus shutting down the roboticizer.  Little do they know they do it before Bunnie is affected, thus beginning the change of the course of time!  In the process, they notice the pollution ship heading for the Great Forest, and use the time they have to destroy the ship.  While they're gone, Robotnik banishes King Acorn to the Void.  Sonic and Sally return to rescue the kids, but fail to save Uncle Chuck and he is roboticzied before their very eyes.  Rosie then takes the kids to Knothole, and Sally asks Rosie to promise she'll never leave Knothole.  She makes the promise and heads for the village.  Sonic and Sally use the stones to return to the present, eluding capture by Robotnik.  When they return, however, the present is still the same and Bunnie is still roboticized, but Rosie is now around (but she's never seen).   The second part is just as great as the first and adds intensity when Sonic and Sally must destroy the ship going after Knothole and rescue the FF's younger selves.

Two 15-minute episodes featuring Antoine and Tails.  In "Fed Up with Antoine", Antoine is his usual self, annoying all of the Knothole residents until they can't take it anymore.  Going off in the forest, he's taken by a biker group called the Nasty Hyenas.  They make Antoine their king, but don't tell him how they plan to eat him like all their other kings as Sonic and the others come for the rescue.  In "Ghost Busted", Sonic and Antoine take Tails on a campout/training mission.  That night, Sonic tells ghost stories, and when Tails wakes up during the night, Antoine is gone.  Tails notices a glowing monster walking in the forest.  After running scared for a few minutes, the monster turns out to be Antoine, who sleepwalked into some foxfire plants.  This episode was very pointless and boring.  There's no Robotnik, but lots of fun.  If you like Antoine, that is.

During a routine mission in Robotropolis, Dulcy begins to experience strange feelings throughout her body.  After saving Sonic from roboticization, they return to Knothole, where the mysterious spells continue.   Suddenly, Dulcy begins flying away from Knothole in a mysterious trance, and Sonic and Sally have to save her from being captured by SWATbots.  It is discovered that Dulcy is being summoned to a place called Dragonsnest, a place where dragons can mate.   Furthermore, Robotnik has discovered about the place, and is heading there to capture all the dragons for roboticization.  Dulcy goes after the nest again, with Sonic and Sally following, and they witness a dragon get captured.  The three then find a dragon's egg, and manage to bring it back to Knothole for Bunnie to watch.   The group then heads for Robotropolis and save the mother dragon before she can be roboticized.  Everyone gets back to Knothole just in time for the egg to hatch, allowing a cute baby dragon to pop out.  After everyone awws over it, the mom and baby then leave for a place where Robotnik won't find them.  A very interesting episode that dealt with the history of dragons on Mobius.  The scene with Bunnie getting tossed by that bouncing egg was a good laugh.

While heading through the Great Unknown, Sonic is almost sucked into a vortex, which turns out to be The Void!  He's finds a strange power ring, and heads to Knothole to fill Sally in on what he experienced.  While Sonic heads to see Uncle Chuck, the ring zaps Sally and Bunnie, and they float away from Knothole into the Great Unknown, and into the Void!  Meanwhile in Robotropolis, Sonic learns about Robotnik's plans for total control codenamed as "The Doomsday Project"...Robotnik and Snively then discover the emergence of the Void, they recall of the evil wizard Naugus who created the Void, and how Robotnik trapped him within prior to the coup.  Back in Knothole, Sonic finds the others gone, but Nicole is still there.  Sonic and Nicole head for the Void, where Robotnik is waiting!   Cornered with no escape, he retreats into the Void. There, he meets with Sally, Bunnie and Ixis Naugus himself!  The raspy voiced wizard has explained that to escape, he needs Sonic's speed.  Sonic and the others try to escape, but Naugus traps them.  While trapped, Sonic and the others discover a castle in another area of the Void, and find none other than the long lost King Acorn inside.  Sonic takes him out of the Void, when Ari appears.  He explains that Sonic actually took Naugus, and brings forth the real King Acorn.  Back on Mobius, Naugus reveals himself and tortures Robotnik.  Sonic then goes back in the Void for the others and brings them back.   Robotnik eventually gets away but just when everyone thinks everything is all hunky-dory, the King and Naugus begin to turn to crystal, an effect of them being in the Void too long.  They are forced to return to exile or else they will die, bringing Sally to tears.  While saying goodbye, King Acorn gives Sally his list of the other Freedom Fighter groups, in hopes that they can one day rescue both him and Mobius.  He and Naugus then return to the Void to end the episode.  This was a very powerful episode, and you just feel so sorry for Sal at the end.  Also, the annoucement of "The Doomsday Project" begins the countdown to the finale.

Another pair of boring 15-minute episodes with Antoine.   In "The Odd Couple", Sonic's hut is destroyed when Dulcy crash-lands during a snow storm, so Sonic goes to stay with Antoine.  This does not make Ant happy, as Sonic's style of living turns Antoine's place upside down, and drives Antoine nuts.  Both become so fed up that they eventually leave.  In "Ro-Becca", Antoine is helping Rotor with a cleaning robot he's creating.  However, Antoine gets so scared during a lightning storm that he accidentally activates the robot, which develops a crush on Antoine.  Antoine spends the rest of his time trying to get Ro-Becca off his case.  If you're an Antoine fan, this is for you.  If not, watch this at your own risk.

Let the countdown to Doomsday begin with...The Wolf Pack Freedom Fighters!  In the Great Unknown, a band of Freedom Fighters known as the Wolf Pack succeeds in sabotaging a Doomsday test pod as Snively is sent (or rather forced) to make repairs, courtesy of Doctor Robotnik.  Meanwhile, Sonic, Sally, Antoine and Dulcy are out seeking the Wolf Pack in order to establish the Freedom Fighter Network, via King Acorn's FF list.  On route to the base, they discover an area that strikes lightining upon all who enter.  When they reach the cave entrance to the base, Dulcy heads back while the others meet Lupe, the leader of the Wolf Pack and learn of their history.  Meanwhile, Snively has gotten the test pod back online and has sent it through the area.  The Freedom Fighters try to use a multitude of weapons stolen from Robotropolis on the pod, but to no avail.  Sonic eventually destroys it by luring it into the lightning storm.  Afterwards, contact is established with the other Freedom Fighter groups, and they gather together in Knothole to prepare for the greatest battle of their lives: The Doomsday Project!!!  This was the first time any other Freedom Fighter groups were shown, and marked the debut of the Wolf Pack, a minor favorite of fans of the comic and cartoon.  This was also another setup for the finale, where the Wolf Pack will appear again.

Uncle Chuck informs Sally of Robotnik's plans to find the Drood Henge scrolls. The scrolls tell the location of the Deep Power Stones, which can provide awesome power or destruction based on how they are joined.  Sonic and Tails discover Robotnik's plan elsewhere, harassing Snively in the process.  When the Freedom Fighters regroup, they discover that Robotnik already has the first stone!   To prevent him getting the second, Tails secretly devises a plan to trick Robotnik with a fake stone which they destroy right in front of him.  Later, the gang finds the real stone, and Tails is officially made a Freedom Fighter!  Tails fans will enjoy this episode as much as Sonic fans will.  Since this episode marks when he finally becomes a Freedom Fighter and is no longer treated like a kid.  The Drood Henge plot plays out later in finale, which comes just one episode closer.

Thanks to info from Uncle Chuck, the Freedom Fighters stop another fuel shipment to the Doomsday Project.  A frustrated Robotnik believes that a spy is lurking about, and seeks out and finds Uncle Chuck's bug and makes it malfunction, prompting Uncle Chuck to replace it!  Sally and Bunnie get word of this while accessing the plans to the Doomsday Project.  The signal goes to Knothole, where Antoine goes to warn Uncle Chuck.  However, Antoine's cowardice gets him captured, and Sonic must make the save.  Later, Uncle Chuck's cover is blown is and he is brought to Robotnik.  Sonic saves him with a power ring before he reveals Knothole's location. Afterward, Uncle Chuck decides to stay in Robotropolis in a new outpost with some bots as disguises.  Uncle Chuck was the main focus of this episode, and this time he had the teary good-bye at the end.  Yet the tears are soon gone, because after this episode comes the final battle, the episode that ties up (almost) all the loose ends.  If you don't know which one, these words from the end of this episode will tell you: "Next Week: Doomsday".

THIS IS IT!  The final battle between the Freedom Fighters and Robotnik begins here!  Robotnik's planning is complete as he sets the Doomsday Project into motion by launching pods all over Mobius in an effort to decimate the entire planet!  Sonic takes out one that emerges near Knothole, and Freedom Fighters from all over Mobius are brought together for the final confrontation.   However, when a diversion attempt fails and all but the Knothole gang are captured, Sonic must go it alone.  He is captured as well and Robotnik sets him up for the one thing he's always wanted to happen to his enemy...roboticization!  However, Sonic escapes with the combined effort of three power rings, and in an all-or-nothing full final effort, the gang resorts to using the Deep Power Stones.  Sonic steals Robotnik's power stone from Robotropolis with the help of Nicole, and when he returns, the final plan is made.  He and Sally go into the core of Doomsday and use the incredible power of the stones to destroy the Doomsday Project once and for all!  Robotnik attempts to escape, but he fails as Robotropolis explodes violently into a pile of twisted rubble and debris.  His nephew Snively, left behind, retreats to an underground elevator...
Back in Knothole, it's time to celebrate!  Sally tells Sonic he would always be her hero, and they kiss as fireworks explode in the sky, knowing the the war is finally over...or is it? 
Meanwhle, Snively emerges from the wreckage dressed in a suit just like that of his uncle and vowing revenge against the Freedom Fighters!  He is not alone, however; behind him in the shadowy tunnel of the elevator, a pair of red eyes glow as the episode and the show itself ends for who knows how long...

This episode is the best episode out of all the other SatAM episodes.  It's powerful, suspenceful, and has on-the-edge-of-your-seat action that makes this a cartoon masterpiece.  It was great to see Sonic and Sally destroy Doomsday with the great power of the Deep Power Stones, especially when Sally started running as fast as Sonic!  And the kiss they had was proabably the most passionate kiss in the history of cartoons.  No, seriously.

The only gripe is that this was the final episode of the show, as ABC pulled the plug on it before the planned third season could go into action.  Especially since it ended on a cliffhanger that left Snively planning for world domination along with an unknown ally.  The only way to see what happened after the series ended if by reading FanFiction...



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Chaos Caverns

Sonic the Hedgehog - Episode Guide

26 episodes were produced during the show's run on ABC.  This page contains summaries for all 26 episodes.  Click on an episode name to view it automatically.

All episodes are shown in the order they were produced.

Season 1

Heads or Tails | Sonic Past Cool | Sub Sonic | Warp Sonic | Sonic and Sally | Ultra Sonic | Sonic Racer | Hooked on Sonics | Harmonic Sonic | Sonic's Nightmare | Sonic Boom | Super Sonic | Sonic and the Secret Scrolls

Season 2

Game Guy | Sonic Conversion | No Brainer | Blast to the Past 1 | Blast to the Past 2 | Fed Up With Antoine/Ghost Busted | Dulcy | The Void | The Odd Couple/Ro-Becca | Cry of the Wolf | Drood Henge | Spy Hog | The Doomsday Project

Season 1

Summary: The first season of the show (duh).  The pilot featured elements from the early days of the Archie Comic as well as the SegaSonic universe, but then went on to have it's own version of the Freedom Fighters.  This also marked the debut of Sonic's Uncle Chuck and his dog, Muttski, whom were both roboticzied.