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Chaos Caverns

Sonic the Hedgehog (ABC, USA) - Characters

The SatAM show contained the most variety of characters out of all the other shows.  Here is where you can read all about them.   Choose a character from the list below.

Freedom Fighters

Sonic the Hedgehog | Miles "Tails" Prower | Princess Sally Acorn | Rotor Walrus | Antoince De'Coolette | Bunnie Rabbot | Dulcy the Dragon

Bad Guys/Badniks

Dr. Ivo Robotnik | Snively | SWATbots | Cluck | Buzzbomber


Sir Charles Hedgehog/Uncle Chuck | King Maximillion Acorn | Lupé Wolf | Ixis Naugus

Freedom Fighters

sonic6.jpg (76168 bytes) Sonic the Hedgehog

Age: 15
Gender: M
Species: Hedgehog
Special Abilities: Super-speed

No intro is needed for this guy!  He's the fastest, coolest, bluest hedgehog on Mobius!  Loves to annoy Robotnik as well as he likes to flirt with Princess Sally.  Like the other Mobians, he fights to free the planet from ol' Robo.

tailsbuz.jpg (76092 bytes) Miles "Tails" Prower

Age: 10
Gender: M
Species: Fox, double-tailed
Special Abilities: Flying

Sonic's right-hand man(or fox).  He's the youngest of the Freedom Fighters and wishes he was able to take part in their most dangerous missions.   Whatever it takes, he'll do his best to show he too can be a Freedom Fighter!

sal.gif (50166 bytes) Princess Sally Elisha Acorn

Age: 15
Gender: F
Species: Squirrel
Special Abilities: Leadership, computer/database hacking

The former Princess of Mobotropolis and the daughter of his majesty King Acorn.  While fighting Robotnik, she dreams of discovering the secrets of The Void, a vast sanctuary her father was sent into.  If she can uncover it's secrets, she may find a way to bring her father back home.

salrotor.jpg (67888 bytes) Rotor Walrus

Age: 16
Gender: M
Species: Walrus
Special Abilities: Craftsman

Rotor could be referred to as the "Einstein" of the group.  His knowledge of mechanics can help create machines that help the Freedom Fighters fight Robotnik.  Need that microwave fixed?  Call Rotor!

antwon.jpg (76926 bytes) Antoine De'Coolette

Age: 18
Gender: M
Species: Fox
Special Abilites: Royal Guard, being a complete wuss to some ;)

Even though he is supposed to be a royal guard for the House of Acorn, Antoine is very cowardly.  He can hardly do anything right and is always an annoyance to Sonic and the others.  His dream is to win the heart of Princess Sally, so that she does not fall for Sonic.  Yeah, they would look good together...NOT!

bunny.jpg (77359 bytes) Bunnie Rabbot

Age: 14
Gender: F
Species: Rabbit/robot
Special Abilities: Strength

Bunnie was once a normal rabbit until she was captured one day by Robotnik's SWATbots and put in the roboticzier.  If you can't think of someone who saved her, you must have brain damage.  Anyway, she was saved by Sonic during roboticzation, but she had been in there long enough to have her legs and left arm roboticzied!  Despite her abnormal appearance as being part robot, her robot side can come in handy.

landing.jpg (79654 bytes) Dulcy the Dragon

Age: 17
Gender: F
Species: Dragon
Special Abilities: Flying, Fire/Ice Breath

When Mobius was at peace, many dragons ruled the land.   But when Robotnik took over, all of them were roboticzied, except for one named Dulcy.  She is now the last dragon on Mobius...or is she?  She may never know, but she too will help defeat Robotnik and restore peace to Mobius as well as her race.

Bad Guys/Badniks

robotni5.jpg (76912 bytes) Dr. Ivo Robotnik

Age: ??
Gender: M
Species: Human/Robot (left arm is roboticzied)
Special Abilities: He actually does have one: Being the cold-hearted tub o' lard he is

Once known as Warlord Julian to King Acorn, now is a power-thirsty evil man.  He stole the roboticzier from Sir Charles Hedgehog and used it to roboticzize innocent Mobians.  His goal is to one day use it for his biggest rival: Sonic the Hedgehog.


Age: ??
Gender: M
Species: Human
Special Abilities: Assistant

Robotnik's needle-nosed assistant and sometimes rumored cousin.  Despite his wimpy looks, he can be just as evil as Robotnik.  Maybe more evil than his master...

moreswat.jpg (77343 bytes) SWATBots

Age: They don't age
Gender: N/A
Species: Robot
Special Abilities: Strength, lasers

Okay, you can probably guess on this one: the robots Robotnik uses to guard the city and capture people.

robotni5.jpg (76912 bytes) Cluck

Age: None
Gender: N/A
Species: Robot/Bird
Special Abilities: Flying

Robotnik's pet bird.  It only appeared in the first season of the whole cartoon, when Robotnik used some badniks.

buzzboom.jpg (73691 bytes) Buzzbomber

Age: None
Gender: N/A
Species: Robot/Bee
Special Abilities: Flying, sting-ray

True Sonic fans should know this one: Buzzbomber is one of the many "classic" Sonic badniks.  It only appeared in the Pilot Episode for the show.


chuck1.jpg (79006 bytes) Sir Charles Hedgehog/Uncle Chuck

Age: ??
Gender: M
Species: Robot/Hedgehog
Special Abilities: Computer/database hacking

Sonic's uncle and former technician for King Acorn.   Despite what some people say, it was actually Charles who invented the roboticzier, but it was supposed to be used to make old people live longer...until Robotnik stole it.  Charles own invention was used against him and he was roboticzied.  Later he regained his own free will thanks to Sonic and worked as a spy in Robotropolis.

kingacorn.jpg (20994 bytes) King Maximillion Acorn

Age: ??
Gender: M
Species: Squirrel
Special Abilities: I think you know

Boy, I wish I had a piccy for this guy.  He is THE king of Mobotropolis and THE father of Sally.  When Robotnik took over, he was banished to a vast realm called The Void.  He must now remain there and watch his daughter fight to restore peace to Mobius and pray she can rescue him.


Age: ??
Gender: F
Species: Wolf
Special Abilities: Leadership

One of the minor favorites on the show.  Lupé is the leader of the Wolf Pack Freedom Fighters, whom like the Knothole group themselves, works together to try and defeat Robotnik.  They appear towards the end of the series to help with Doomsday.


Age: ??
Gender: M
Species: Human?
Special Abilities: Magic

Ixis lives in The Void along with King Acorn.  He had been allied with Robotnik at one point when they were creating The Void, but then Robotnik vanished him into their own creation.  Ixis watches his former ally from inside The Void, and is longing to get his hands on him for what he did.