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    I love Malaysia
    Hello there! Welcome to my page.MALAYSIA

    Hi. I am Jordan and I live in Malaysia. Coin collecting is one of my favourite hobbies and I hope to improve my collection through the Internet. I have been collecting coins for over a decade and I collect mostly old coins. Recently, I've started to collect modern coins and I have since then managed to put together a nice collection of world coins; also thanks to my swappers for their help and support. Believe me, if it weren't for swappers like them, my collection wouldn't be how it is today. Thanks a lot!!!

    Note : I'm no longer swapping coins through internet, but I will continue to maintain this website as a source of information for collectors, in particularly those interested in Malaysian coins. You can also refer to my Good Swappers list for swap partners. Happy collecting!!!

    Malaysia current series
    Current set of circulating Malaysian coins.

    My own bi-metallic
    "I feel that coin swapping is not only about having the coins but being able to learn about foreign culture and meeting friends from every corner of the world."

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    This site was launched on October 2002. My previous website :
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