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Yearbooks, Scrapbooks and Memories

Yearbooks, Scrapbooks & Memories


I thought it would be fun to go through my old yearbooks, scrapbooks and anything else I had left from high school to just try to relive some of the memories. It was fun to see what I was focused on then as well as what other people were focused on (music-wise...). I obviously had very different taste from most everybody else...I had one friend who was a KISS fan...we were teased incessantly. I was listening to Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers before everyone else. I was a big Cheap Trick fan and dragged all my friends along with me...(it was easier for them when they heard "I Want You To Want Me"!) Going to a girls boarding school just outside of Boston made it hard to explore music unless I got out there and did it myself. Luckily Boston is a big college town and I was there every weekend hunting down bootlegs and any new music I could find. The Cars hit big just about when I got there and of course, I already knew that I was in Aerosmith's hometown. It's amazing the amount of people I met who had some connection to Aerosmith either in Newton or up in Sunapee, NH...I never met them though...! The reference to Georgetown would be when friends came to visit me in my hometown of Washington, D.C. where you really had to go deep to find the music...that's another story... Anyway, I found my 1981 yearbook which would be my senior year...not sure what happened to the others...but I found quotes and comments that just put me back into that year. What was really going on...the excitement of a concert was much greater because you couldn't watch them on TV whenever you wanted, for one. Read on...I think you'll get a kick out of it...notice the variety...

My Senior Page

Here are the quotes that I put on my Senior page in 1981:

Personal Messages

These are messages people wrote to me: