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This Month During the Civil War

  1. July 1, 1863?
  2. July 2, 1863?
  3. July 13, 1821?
  4. July 13, 1861?
  5. July 15, 1862?
  6. July 18, 1861?
  7. July 19, 1861?
  8. July , 2004?

July 1, 1863?

    Battle of Gettysburg begins as a fight over shoes

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July 2, 1863?

    Confederate troops capture the Devil's Den from the damnyankees after fierce fighting.

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July 13, 1821?

    Nathan Bedford Forrest is born in Chapel Hill, Tennessee.

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July 13, 1861?

    Col. William Pendleton, minister, is named by General Joseph E. Johnston (CSA), as chief of artillery.  Pendleton names four of his cannons after the four Apostles - Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.

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July 15, 1862?

    Confederate ironclad C. S. S. Arkansas meets federal ships in the Yazoo River north of Vicksburg, badly damaging three of them.

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July 18, 1861?

    Gen. Joseph E. Johnston is the first military commander anywhere to use the railroad to move large numbers of troops to the battle front.  This is critical to the Southern troop victory at First Manassas.

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July 19, 1861?

    General Thomas J. Jackson arrives earlier than expected (beginning the legend of Jackson's foot cavalry) on the Bull Run River, near Manassas Junction, for the battle of First Manassas.  Holding his position when others around him are beginning to break apart, Gen. Jackson earns his immortal fame.  General Bee points to Jackson and his troops and says "Look! There is Jackson standing like a 'stone wall'.  Rally behind the Virginians!"

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July, 2004?

    Maudie Celia Hopkins of Lexa, Arkansas was confirmed to be the last known Civil War Veteran spouse.  Maudie Hopkins is the widow of William M. Cantrell of the Virginia Infantry - Company A, French's Battalion.  He enlisted at Pikeville, Kentucky at the age of 16.  They married February 2, 1934.  Maudie was 19 and William was 86.  They married for convenience and financial support.  In the depths of the depression William couldn't afford, but needed a live-in-caretaker.  Maudie married William to escape desperate poverty of the great depression.

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