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Company Command Staff


    Through the guidance of these individuals, the members of Company C strive to better their portrayal of this units' history.  Feel free to contact those that are highlighted via e-mail.


First Lieutenant Jean Paul

    Lt. Jean Paul wishes to continue the accumulation of historical information on Coppens' Zouaves.  Accurate portrayal of the unit and fostering active participation by elected members for the purposes of grooming the next generation of leaders are his highest priorities.  It is also his desire to promote unit to unit camaraderie within the re-enacting community, regardless of the uniform.  Maintaining the units family friendly atmosphere remains at the forefront of importance for Jean Paul.  In addition, he wishes to continue the tradition, pride and excellence in reenacting one of the founding units of the Washington Civil War Association. Jean Paul has been a tremendous asset to the unit.  He has added a depth of abilities and knowledge that is unsurpassed as a member of our unit.  His family really adds depth and dimension to the Coppens' Zouaves.


First Sergeant Bill

    1st Sergeant Bill will add a great presence in the field of battle and I'm sure he will keep a cool head in battle and not forget to have us fire on the enemy when they expose themselves.

Sergeant Mike Holt

    A good First Sergeant needs a good sergeant to keep everything going smoothly and Sergeant Mike will fill that need admirably.

Corporals C.B and Zachary

    Corporals make sergeants look good and I'm sure C.B. and Zachary will do just that.  Zachary will also be our new secretary..  

Vivandiere Miss Billiee and Treasurer

    Miss Billiee is one of the original Zouaves and has been re-enacting since 1994.  No one in the unit is more dedicated to the Zouaves and re-enacting than Miss Billee.  Miss Billee's primary concern is safety - safety tests and safety on and off the field.  Miss Billee will pester you about making sure your canteen is full - and then making sure you are properly emptying your canteen (drinking).  And Miss Billee is probably the most popular soldier on and off the field - with both Confederates and damnyankees.  If you want someone to talk to then seek out Miss Billiee, she is probably the most social of all re-enactors.

Honorary positions

Brett will be honorary First Sergeant and Mike Stennett will be honorary Low Corporal.

   Brett has served as First Sergeant for several years and because of personal challenges will be participating as he is able, he will be sorely missed as he has been a longtime faithful member of the Coppens Zouaves.  Low Corporal Mike has issues of partial employment that limit his participation and he is looking forward to participating as often as financially possible.


Lt. Ramrod served as our past lieutenant very ably and we hope that he will be able to return sometime in the near future.





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