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    The first year of the Washington Civil War Association, of which, the 1st LA was the first approved unit.   The initial designation was the First Louisiana Volunteer Infantry Regiment, Company C, the Pelican Guards (Zouaves).   John Daugherty commanded the zouaves for the 1994 event season.  Jerry Woodard served as the First Sergeant.  This season saw the company grow to over twenty members.  Though small in number at times, the Zouaves were often seen brawling with larger units.  The unit attended events all over Washington state, and events in Oregon.  These reenactments included McIver Park, Fort Steilacoom, Willamette Mission, Arlington, Albany, Fort Stevens, Auburn Veteran's Day Parade, and the  Wilkeson Days Parade.  It was decided that the company would expand it's portrayal to include company A, the Montgomery guards.  This was done to attract those who did not want to wear the Zouave uniform.


   Charles Mathis was elected to command the companies, with Bruce Wickler filling the role as First Sergeant.   The drill of the unit excelled during this time.  The 1st LA became known for it's skits and activities in camp.  Linda "Jed" Wickler turned many heads by taking the field as a soldier, walking the walk and talking the talk better than most of the guys.   The ladies and children of the soldiers formed the first recognized civilian unit in the WCWA, the Soldiers Aid Society of New Orleans.  Events attended included: Winter Quarters, McIver, Langley (which we hosted), Fort Steilacoom, Puyallup Daffodil Parade, Willamette Mission, Arlington, Albany, Bellingham, Fort Stevens and the Auburn Veteran's Day Parade.    Waking up to four inches of snow at Winter Quarters and having a snowball fight with battle flags was a highpoint of the season, but a cold one.


    Bruce Wickler was elected to company commander with John Persinger serving as his First Sergeant.   During the off-season, several members left to form their own company, while several more were lost to job changes.  The Zouaves sponsored an event in Graham, which featured the renewal of John and Gina Persinger's wedding vows and a band on Saturday night. Membership in the NCWC as a recognized unit was now renewed, but high numbers of Zouaves still attended events in Oregon.   Skits and camp activities were numerous as the Zouaves set the tone for living history.   Events attended by members included Winter Quarters, Moses Lake, Graham, McIver, Armed Forces Day (Ft Lewis), Fort Steilacoom,   Willamette Mission, Arlington, Ferndale, Leavenworth, Fort Stevens, Auburn Veteran's Day Parade.


    The command structure remained the same for the season, and the unit seemed to gel with only the truly dedicated remaining in the ranks.  From that foundation, new traditions were started, and remaking of the unit started anew.  The unit drops it's company designation and is recognized as two companies portraying a part of the regiment.  Drill still was a high priority as were skits.  Due to differences in the method and level of historical accuracy,  the Ladies Aid Society splits from the First Louisiana.  Both units kept moving forward and many good times were shared.   Events included Winter Quarters, Moses Lake, McIver, Armed Forces Day, Fort Steilacoom, Willamette Mission, Arlington, Ferndale, Fort Stevens, Auburn Veteran's Day Parade.  The unit appeared on the cover of the Camp Chase Gazette in a remake of a Zouave pyramid photograph, taken the previous season by Prof. CC Davis.


    Steve Pierce was elected as commander with John Persinger serving as the First Sergeant.  During the winter, the unit history was researched and found to be a combination of several different units.  Our history as Zouaves best matched that of Coppens' Zouaves.  This unit was fully researched and contact was established with Company D in California.  In the interest of promoting a historically accurate portrayal, the 1st Louisiana officially changed it's designation  to the 1st Battalion Louisiana Zouaves (Coppens'), Company C.   Following the 135th Gettysburg event, Lt. Pierce was injured and unable to serve the remainder of his term.  1Sgt Persinger was brevetted to Lt.   The Zouaves attended events at Puyallup, McIver, Armed Forces Day, Fort Steilacoom, Yakima, Willamette Mission, Cloverdale, Fortuna, Ferndale, Fort Stevens, and Cle Ellum.  Twelve soldiers made the trip to the Fortuna event in California (RACW) to join our fellow Zouave brothers of Company D.



    John Persinger was elected to command, with Ken Thompson serving as the First Sergeant.  The unit eliminated the option of wearing gray, returning to a Zouave only presentation.  All commands to the unit were now given in French to better represent the method Company C used when stationed in Pensacola, Florida.  Plans were developed to again attend the Fortuna event, and play host to Company D at our Steilacoom event.   A chapter from the United Daughter's of the Confederacy contacted the Zouaves to be the honor guard at a gravesite dedication ceremony for a Louisiana Tiger.  Three of the Tiger's Grandsons were in attendance in what was a moving experience for the re-enactors in attendance.  The event schedule included Winter Quarters, McIver(OR), Hood River(OR) grave dedication, Armed Forces Day, Fort Steilacoom, Yakima, Willamette Mission(OR), Roslyn, Fortuna(CA), Ferndale, Fort Stevens(OR), Centrailia POW ceremony, Yakima Tactical, and Auburn Veteran's Day Parade.   


    John Persinger was once again elected as commanding officer, with Ken Thompson once again serving as 1st Sergeant.  The event schedule included Winter Quarters, McIver(OR),  Armed Forces Day, Fort Steilacoom, Roslyn, McCloud (CA), Ferndale, Fort Stevens(OR),  Yakima Tactical, and Auburn Veteran's Day Parade. 


Stephen Pierce was elected commanding officer, with Loren Rogers as 1st Sergeant and Brett Lawrence as Corporal.  Former commander John Persinger and several former members of Coppens' made the decision to assist flagging Union numbers by forming a Union Zouave unit.  As such, recruitment was at the top of the agenda for 2001.  Several enthusiastic new members joined up and were welcomed into the family.  Happily our numbers have been bolstered by active recruitment.  We continue the search for quality individuals who will contribute to Coppens'  rich legacy.   The event schedule included Winter Quarters, School of the Soldier, McIver (OR), Fort Steilacoom, Willamette Mission (OR), Spokane, Ferndale, Fort Stevens (OR), and the Yakima (Nile) Tactical.   


Loren Rogers was elected commanding officer, with Brett Lawrence as sergeant, and Josh Farrand as corporal.  Stephen Pierce took a leave of absence to command the VMI.

The season ended with the Veteran's Day Parade on November 8, at Auburn, Washington.


Doug West was elected commanding officer after his family returned from a brief absence in California.  Brett Lawrence was elected sergeant,                    Stephen Pierce is still commanding the VMI.

The event season started off as usual with Mud Iver - or McIver, Oregon (April).  Mud Iver was attended by Miss Billee and Low Pvt. Stennett.  The two Zouaves formed in with Sgt. Feller and the Color Guard.  June 14-15


Doug West was re-elected commanding officer, with Brett Lawrence and Tyler West as sergeants.

The event season started off as usual with Mud Iver (April).  The Zouaves had a good showing this year and camped with the Carolinians.  A couple of the Zouaves served as part of the Color Guard - adding true color, falling under the command of Ensign John Feller.  The rank of Ensign was a special CSA army rank designated for the commander of the Color Guard.  The weather was unusual fro Mud Iver in that the rain ceased early in the afternoon on Friday.  The Battle of Spokane Falls (May 29-30)- Spokane, Washington, was well attended by Zouaves.  There was a solemn observance of Memorial Day at the near by Veteran's Cemetery.

After an absence Ft. Steilacoom (June 26-28) was again the scene of battle.  The next battle will be July 31-Aug. 1, at the Battle of South Thurston County, Washington.  August 13-15 the Battle of Riverglenn, Orting, Washington.  November 6, Auburn, Washington Veteran's Day Parade.

The Deschutes Valley Campaign was fought from July 31 to August 1st.  There was a good showing of Zouaves.  The Jean Paul family provided gourmet food for the company mess that was really enjoyed by all.  There were four battles fought, but the War continues.  The rouge Boll Weevil Gang led by the infamous Boll Weevil attacked the Confederate camp during one of the battles.  Members of the gang received refuge in the damnyankee camp.  Later the Gang attempted to rob the Confederate payroll  held in the Command tent.  The Gang was shot down like the dirty dogs they were.  Even though captured immediately not all the money was recovered.

RiverGlenn/Orting battle campaign came off as planned August 14-15.  There was a good turnout of Zouaves.  Looked like we might have added to our ranks.  On the first day we were galvanized at the last minute.  This allowed us to fire into the Confederate flank with complete surprise-what terrible treachery!!  What we didn't realize is that we were being fired upon from our rear by the U.S. Marines!!  We missed a glorious chance to die en-mass!!!  Someone had also been spreading lies and deceit about a great chess master in the Zouave ranks!  Curses upon the cur!!  George, of the Alabamans, put that rumor to rest by beating Low Private Mike in a hard fought contest.  Low Pvt. Mike has confided that he is looking forward to "whippin' more butt" on the field of chess among his Zouave 'friends'  (get my drift Lt. Doug)!  Col. Wickler was recalled to Masser Roberts headquarters so this was his last battle as our much beloved commander.  Many honors were heaped on our much loved commander, many of which were co-coordinated by our own Miss Eliz.  We will really miss him.

Ft. Stevens event, September 4-6, was a well attended event.  The 1st Louisiana was not expected, they provided much needed re-enforcements.  Except they were confused as to which side needed re-enforcements!  The event was the last for the 14th Brooklyn, a great unit that has suffered 'casualties' over the years.  The 1st Louisiana was honored to help fill out the ranks of the venerable 14th, a great honor.  A surprise birthday party was sprung on Miss Billee (39 and holding).  As usual Jean Paul and his lovely bride provided a wonderful birthday cake and meal.  In fact they surpassed all previous feasts.  Spinach dip, smoked salmon, cedar plank salmon, sauté halibut, and .....!!!!   On a sadder note there was a ceremony for the late Dan Bartolin, a long time Civil War re-enactor.  And so ended the last battle event of the season.

Looking forward to the Veterans Day parade on November 6th at Auburn.



March, school of the soldier

April, Mud Iver

May 28-30, Battle of Spokane Falls

June 25-26, Battle of Ft. Steilacoom

July 16-17, Battle of Port Gamble

July ??, Battle of Deschutes Valley

August 13-14, Battle of Ferndale

November 5, Veterans Day Parade




March, school of the soldier

April, Mud Iver

May , Battle of Spokane Falls

June , Battle of Ft. Steilacoom

July , Battle of Port Gamble

July ??, Battle of Deschutes Valley

August , Battle of Ferndale

November , Veterans Day Parade




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