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Command Staff of Coppens’ Zouaves


Commander:             Lieutenant Colonel George Auguste Gastone Coppens   

killed in battle 09-17-62

Field Officers:        Lieutenant Colonel Marie Alfred Coppens                    

Major Fulgence De Bordenave

Major Waldhemar Hylestad    


Adjutants:                  Captain Frank Zacharie                                                 

Lieutenant J. Rudolph Ducros

Lieutenant Charles B. Aroyo

Lieutenant P.A. MacDonald 


Medical Staff:           Dr. Ashton Miles,      Surgeon                                             

        James Layue,              Assistant Surgeon

         Mr. Godin,                 Assistant Surgeon


  Other Staff:              Baron Auguste De Coppens,      Quartermaster                            

                            Captain Thompson Harrison,      Assistant Quartermaster

                               Lieutenant Charles P.J. Masoni, Commissary/Paymaster  

                               Sergeant Edouard Pfoendler,        Battalion Color-Bearer


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