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Welcome to the archive of DVSG lesson six. This lesson discusses Lilith, Satan and the institutionalized suppression of individual sexual freedom. On that note, I'd like to also share with you Episode 5 of the Luciferian Research Society podcast. This podcast goes into the various forms of Sex Magick.

Archive of Lesson 6 - Lilith

Dec. 3/2003

"So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them." Genesis 1:27

The "God" spoken of in this verse is actually "Elohim" in the original Hebrew. It is a masculine word with the feminine plural. Tradition goes that the "man" created in the image of the Elohim was not really a man, but a hermaphrodite. This hermaphrodite was then "sawed in half", separating the entity into its male and female components. The male component is Lucifer (aka "Samael" in some Hebrew versions of the story) whom we have already discussed. The female half is Lilith. Later on (in the second chapter of Genesis), the Adam we are all familiar with was created out of clay and breathed to life by the Elohim. Before Eve was created, Adam met Lilith, one thing lead to another and they ended up having sex in male superior positions. During the act, Lilith wanted to try being on top. Adam refused and insisted on dominating her. In response, Lilith spoke the unspeakable name of God (the Tetragrammaton) which enabled her to escape Adam and leave Eden altogether. She is considered a Demon and the "Queen of the Witches" by religious authorities for several reasons: First, she was actually attempting to enjoy herself (as opposed to simply attempting to procreate.) Secondly, she had the nerve to suggest that she take the dominant role. And finally, she didn't even wait until Adam finished before leaving! Far from being a "demon" in the conventional sense, Lilith is the original liberated woman! We shouldn't be surprised that she has been labeled the Mother of Demons. As we all know, Lucifer, the "Light Bearer" is considered to be the King of Demons because he teaches others to think for themselves!

Getting back to the story of Lilith, she is also said to spawn demons by impregnating herself with the semen spilt by men while asleep or pleasuring themselves. In this way, her story is not only used to restrict women's expression of sex, but men's as well. Young males were told that they would father demons if they pleasured themselves! In addition, since nocturnal emissions were also said to spawn demons, the mind was to be kept so "pure" that men wouldn't even accidentally dream about sex in their sleep! Don't deceive yourself into thinking that this stifling and invasive form of control doesn't still exist. Women who enjoy sex for its own sake or who take control in bed are considered "sluts" and "ho's". Boys are told that masturbation will make them go blind or cause their palms to grow hair and there is still a stigma attached to "wet dreams." Some fanatics even go so far as to equate male masturbation with the murder of millions of potential children! All of this manufactured guilt and shame results in the repression of natural and sincere sexuality.

This brings us to the topic of Satan. Ever notice that the image of Satan always includes horns? Typically, he is shown as half human, half goat. The most famous of these images are those of Pan, Bacchus and Baphomet (all equated to Satan by the average Christian.) These entities who are half human and half animal are often symbols of our repressed sexuality. Just like a pressure cooker, it can be dangerous if it someday explodes. That is why you sometimes read about accounts of Pan (for instance) being so wild with lust that he forces himself upon others. The Gnostic Witch must learn to consciously direct this seething force; to prevent it from entering undesired channels of expression and causing suffering to ourselves and others. Once some skill has been obtained in this, the Gnostic Witch must learn to prevent this unnatural build up from happening in the first place. This is accomplished by eliminating all shame and allowing full freedom of expression to yourself and others. This doesn't only apply to the realm of sexual expression. We must work toward freeing ourselves from ALL artificial restrictions. Like the wounded centaur in the story of Prometheus, the repressed sexual/creative force will eventually redirect its power toward a higher purpose. The only difference is that it is likely to do so bit by bit rather than all at once. This is an essential component to the process many refer to as "The Great Work."


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