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A Journey on the Left Hand Path

The Writings of Jeremy Crow


The Gnostic Lucifer - An Informal Discussion (Oct. 9/2002)

The Enochian LBRP - My Enochian Version of the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram (Aug. 31/2004)

The Name Belial - Restoring the Demon (Jan. 18/2005)

Integrating The Tarot - Building an Internal Deck (Feb. 17/2007)

Who Wants to Live Forever? - (March 6/2007)

The Meaning of the Moon Phases in Magic, the Occult and Daily Life - [Off-Site] (April 21/2007)

What is a Luciferian? - [Off-Site] (Jan. 8/2008)

The Meaning of the Five Elements in Magic, the Occult and Daily Life - [Off-Site] (Jan. 10/2008)

What is Dark Magick and The Dark Arts? - [Off-Site] (April 16/2008)

Are Humans A Species of Animal? [Off-Site] (Aug. 11/2009)

Lucid Dreaming and the Practice of the Dream Diary - (Oct. 9/2009)

Jack Parsons - Rocket Scientist and Consort of Babylon [Off-Site] (Oct. 13/2009)

What Happens When You Die? - (Sept. 11/2010)

The Meaning of the Pentagram - (Sept. 18/2010)

Transhumanism and Spirituality [Off-Site] (Oct. 3/2010)

The Ordo Luciferi - The Luciferian Order [Off-Site] (Jan. 6/2011)

The Simon Necronomicon - Dark Magick Grimoire [Off-Site] (Apr. 1/2012)

New Luciferian Era - by Jeremy Crow with contributions from Jacob No and Michael W. Ford [Off-Site] (Dec. 3/2014)

Statement on Sexuality - GCOL Position Piece in Support of the LGBTQ+ and Allies Community [Off-Site] (June 2/2015)

And In Depth Look at the GCOL Sigil - My Analysis of the Sigil of the Greater Church of Lucifer [Off-Site] (Nov. 24/2015)


Darkness Visible Study Group Archives

At the beginning of the current millennium I ran an email list called Darkness Visible Study Group. Around the middle of 2003 I began writing a series of lessons for the members. In total there were seven lessons and two assignments. While my use of terms and personal philosophy has evolved over the years, I am presenting this material in the original form aside from some very minor editing.


Lesson 1 - Gnosis (Sept. 2/2003)

Lesson 2 - Lucifer (Sept. 8/2003)

Lesson 3 - Genesis (Sept. 18/2003)

Lesson 4 - Prometheus (Oct. 13/2003)

Lesson 5 - Magick and Mysticism (Oct. 26/2003)

Lesson 6 - Lilith (Dec. 3/2003)

Lesson 7 - Age of Aquarius (Jan. 1/2004)


Assignment 1 - Lust (Oct. 27/2003)

Assignment 2 - Lucid Living (Dec. 11/2003)



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The Empress

Trump 3 - The Empress

The above Tarot image is one of the 22 Major Arcana cards used by the Whare-Ra Temple of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn in New Zeland.

One method of learning the Tarot is to colour your own set of images. Read an article about this here. Throughout this site are all 22 images that you can save to your computer and print out for colouring. Just right-click on the image and select "Save Image."

This is the thirteenth in the series. Clicking directly on the image will bring you to the page on this site that contains the next image in the traditional sequence. I have also created a Site Map based on this sequence to provide an easy method of finding any specific Tarot image.

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