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The Players

When you get together for the first time with your fellow players, you usually don't know what their Characters are, and they don't know yours.  Acting your character out gives you some benefit in this awkward beginning time.

Lorien Hawkfield: "Welcome, and well met, I am an Elven Highbreed from the forests of Galrandon.  I think you should let me decide what is best for the company, since I am definitely your superior." (you can see that this character is stuck up and full of himself.  The player can talk in a snobbish fashion and look down his nose at the rest of the group.

Snog the Fingers: "Hmm.. Snog wants more food, maybe we should get food,... yes... yes... only fight after we have food." (The character isn't the most intelligent one as you can tell, and using a repetitive pattern, whining voice, and limited vocabulary helps this image, as would rubbing his hands together and bending the back as if he has a hump.)

As you can see, many little things help the role-playing element of the Characters.  Now the balance of this acting can go from almost Theater, to just a little voice change.


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