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The Meeting

At the beginning of an adventure the group of players either have their Characters meet for the first time and/or begin meeting Non-Playing Characters.  The first clues of the adventure are usually given here.  The Bartender is played out by the Game Master, as is all people the players meet.

Bartender: "So your Lorien, I heard you asking about some help.  You need someone to help you get in the Temple of the Devil Frog."

Lorien: "Yes, what do you have to say."

Bartender: "See that little fella sitting all hunched over in the corner.  He's one of them lock pickers."

Lorien walks over to the Character Snog.

Lorien: "Are you someone that could help me, are you one of those shady types"

Snog: "Yeah, I'm a thief, what do you want snob nose...?"

And the adventure begins, the warrior and thief could eventually meet up with a wizard, and from there go into the wilderness to find and enter the Temple.


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