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Raya x Vesuvio, born October 2007, four F5 SBT kittens (2 males, 2 female).  This was an outstanding litter showing some nice paw-print rosetting, horizontal alignment, coat clarity and great faces. 

"Gandalf" is a charmer.  He's got a clear coat, developing some very nice rosettes and is a good buddy. He got a great pattern with rosettes beginning to break open and sharp contrast.

"Indigo" has an extremely soft short clear coat, type and a random rosetted pattern. She is confident, intelligent and affectionate. She likes to hang out closeby to watch whatever I am doing. She has alot to offer to a breeding program or as a beautiful househould companion.

"Snickers" has inky jet black markings are beginning to break open with choclate centers and is also highly glittered. He has a calm, affecionate demeanor and likes to snuggle up to us.  A friend commented that he was like a Snickers choclate bar and the nick-name stuck. 

Julia is staying with us.

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