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We place kittens after around 10 weeks of age depending on their development. Health is guaranteed and vaccinations are kept up to date.  Our kittens are well socialized and litter box trained. We do accept deposits to reserve kittens and can ship our kittens with in the United States. Kittens going internationally can be picked up from us in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Pet kittens are spayed or neutered before leaving us.  For more info please contact us at xdbengals@comcast.net
Updated June 23, 2014
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Fandango x Titan:

Bianca" female  Reserved

Mia" female  Reserved

Gandolf" male  Reserved 

" male  Reserved

                    Ruby Two Shoes x Titan:

"Ivan" male  Reserved

"Juliet" female  Reserved

                    Gina x Zorro:

"Hoolio" male  Sold

Ernie" male  Sold

Ernie is a good example of how a kitten's appearance can change drastically with in a few weeks as they come out of the "fuzzy" phase.  This starts happening right around 3 months. 

Dragonette x Morphius:

"Gino" male  Sold as a show/breeder

Genia x Zorro:

"Dozer" male  Available as breeder

Dozer is about 5 months and out of his fuzzy phase. He is showing excellent contrast, horizonally alligned rosettes and a soft clear coat. He is long and robust bodied. Genetically diverse: sire Zorro carries Leopole, Kabuki and Phantom ALC lines.  Dam Genia carries Cheetahtu, Leopole and Hatfield ALC lines.  
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