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Raya x Dragon
This litter gets alot of rosetting from both parents, very athletic body type from Raya and great faces from Dragon. Livi, the female, has an extremely soft, clear coat with a very appealing facial expression and gentle, mellow temperament. Pali, the male, is a bit larger and very active, playful and athletic. Both parents are quite large.

"Livi" (female)

                    "Pali" (male)

"Echo" (Margo x Dragon) has a whited belly, large paw-print rosettes on a light background and also has a clear coat. Perfect pattern with no barring, nice head, large whisker pads and excellent breeder potential  (female)

"Dominic" (Margo x Dragon) has incredible, nicely outlined, flowing, rosettes and a whited belly. This litter is our first out of our Dragon (pictured on gallery page) and even better than expected. Dom has a nice head, ear-set and a very appealling facial expression with thick whisker pads.  Excellent breeder potential. (male)

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