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Welcome to the new )0(The Witches Circle)0(. I hope you enjoy this site and please remember to check out the store.For those of you who wants to know yes we take credit cards and C.O.D's.
I have added a chat room.
I have been working with more celtic style magik lately with great results. I am starting a coven soon named The Mystic Vale of Avalon.
We have openings right now for new members.
But let's move on.I will be adding a page for those of you who are on a tight budget so you can get the items you need for little to nothing. I have been working with the Goddess and God for about 7 years now and the results I have been getting here lately has been outstanding.But still send me your comments so we can make this site more enjoyable. Well it's that time agian fall and winter coming up My favorite time. Plus with All Hallow Eve around the corner I think it is a good idea to spend the night giving the kids a halloween party then afterwards hold your rituals so every one can have their fun.
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Midst of Fairies
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