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In the Midst of Fairies
Stand very Still
You May Feel the flutter of their wings
Upon your skin

This is my first Award for this site

Thank you Deborah
Lady ~Da'Bee~

2006 Golden Crown Award presented to my site from the LDC.
I'm so proud!

Set by RarePearls


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Thank you so much Julie for such a beautiful Award, I really appreciate your kindness~!

I would like to announce that you have been chosen to win the Magical Website Award. 

There were many applicants this month and they were all very good,creative and beautiful in their own respects. I give credit to both novice and pro webmaster. It is the passion and magick I am looking for. Of all the applicants, your website along with  others I have chosen are listed on the awards page.
I am always amazed by the individuality of all the millions of websites out there. The creativity and  uniqueness of each one out of millions is magical in itself. Thank you for applying and keep up the great work.

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The music is Velvet and Diamonds
(the star-filled night)
by Bruce DeBoer
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