Genei Ryodan
Genei Ryodan: Members

Data is taken from Questor, Kuroro (Ours, that is.), HxH HQ, Hunter Quest and the rest of our group For those infamiliar j-words, we have a glossary for you ^-^. (The glossary is still under construction.)

Genei Ryodan


Kuroro Rucilful Titles: Dancho, Leader
Age: 26
Number: 1
Nen: Gugenka and Tokushitsu
Weapon: Gugenka book
Appearance: Black hair slicked back wearing a wonderful black fur coat. Has light-bulb like earrings/Sweet looking bishonen (minus the gel and fur coat) with blue light-bulb like earrings.
Counterpart: 'Julienne'

The leader of the Genei Ryodan. He can steal nen abilities of other people making him pretty strong O.O. They are kept in a book created by Gugenka (His nen ^-^).
He looks like a book-loving figure who always has a book in hand. And besides that, since he reads so many books, he looks like he maybe the smartest in the Ryodan ^-^ He has a very high trust on members of the Ryodan which I guess would motivate them to be the best killers they can be. Sugoi da yo! Kuroro wa sutteki da yo! Besides that, even if he's a villain, he is a compassionate leader. How sweet...
When he's not playing dancho-sama, he's an amiable chap who looks like he can make friends easily ^-^ Definitly a respectable person as both dancho and simple guy ^-^ And besides that, he's powerful, too with the Gugenka book that he uses o.O
All in all, Kuroro is a very great leader ^-^ And definitly the strongest in terms of nen, intelligence and such (Except in terms of physical strength... or is Hisoka stronger?). Such a wonder... Such a wonder...

Hisoka Titles: PSYCHOTIC MIME!!!
Age: 27
Number: 4
Birthday: June 6
Nen: Enka
Weapon: cards
Height: 187 cm
Weight: 91 kg
Apperance: Blue hair up on end. Looks like a freakish clown. *shivers* When not in make-up, he's a total bishonen! Still a freakish clown.
Blood Type: B
Counterpart: 'Jessica'

One word... PSYCHO!!! I wouldn't like to say this to his face. Or else he'll just kill us with a Psycho's smile...(Thinks of him with Farfie and passes out) Both of them love to kill, but Hisoka kills for another reason (No, Farfie, he doesn't wanna hurt God like you do...) He likes killing those who are worthy to be killed. (Whoa! It's like being killed is a honor! Freaky...) He's absolutely frightening! (Ahh! The clown from McDo!) His weapon is a pack of cards which using Enka can become razor sharp. Btw, he's a certified hunter. Which, of course, will make him more scarier... scariest clown in the world... *gulp* He wasn't involved in the killing of the Kuruta Tribe.

Machi Titles: Unafraid of the psycho! Angel of death!
Age: 24
Number: 7
Nen: Enka
Weapon: Threads
Appearance: Frizzled blue hair and cold eyes. Looks like a cool rebel... Sugoi....
Counterpart: 'Carla'

Yay! Heroine of the day! Unafraid of the psycho clown! Ha ha, Hisoka! Your moves are useless against Machi!!! The perfect tailor, surgeon and puppeter!
To elaborate on her, her enka ability can create threads that can do anything! Even kill... Oooooooo.... Ahhhhhhh....

Shizuku Titles: Brunette ditz!
Age: 19
Number: 8
Nen: Gugenka
Weapon: Deme-chan!
Appearance: Cute! Black hair and eyes rule! She has glasses... How cute!
Counterpart: 'Joanna'

With trusty Deme-chan (Vaccum cleaner made out of Gugenka) by her side, nothing is dirty! But either way, her mind is forever out of focus *sweatdrop* But hey! She's still a great Ryodan member who still can kill!

Ubogin Titles: Strongest in Physical Strength, Killed by Kurapika.
Age: 29
Number: 11
Nen: Kyouka
Weapon: His own body
Appearance: Think Blanka from Street Fighter... O.O
Counterpart: None at the moment...

Poor, poor Ubo-chan... Killed by the enemy... Lamentations, lamentations. *Long Moment of Silence*
His best friend in the Ryodan is Nobunaga and he's the strongest in terms of physical strength. Even his yell can kill. According to Nobunaga, he has many similarities with Gon.

Franklin Titles: Frankenstien-wannabe
Age: 33
Number: 5
Nen: Hoshutsu
Weapon: Nen projectiles
Appearance: Think Frankenstien...(obvious)
Counterpart: Empol

He looks like he's closest with Shizuku ^-^ Anyway, he's also the oldest from all the Genei Ryodan. Same as his age, he's also the biggest in size ^-^

Pakunoda Titles: Revealing hook-nosed person *muffles laughter*
Age: 28
Number: 2
Nen: Tokushitsu
Weapon: a gun?? (Pretty much forgotten anyway.)
Appearance: Look at the titles...
Counterpart: None at the moment.

Pakunoda has an awful nose.
But hey, at least she can read minds ^-^ And she's loyal to Kuroro. If anyone has watched the OVA, one would be heartwarmed to see Pakunoda choose to give up her life rather that reveal the secrets of the Ryodan. How touching... *sniffle*

Shalnark Titles: Bishie!
Age: 24
Number: 9
Nen: Sousa
Weapon: Bat remote thingy...@.@
Appearance: Cute! Baby blue eyes and blond hair! How cute!
Counterpart: Former member, Aldrin (Not Aldin you jerk! How would you think we'd get to recruit someone from the Q-staff?!?).

He's one of the most intelligent people in the Ryodan ^-^ He can control anyone and anything using his Bat remote thingy... @.@ (Doesn't that look like gameboy cum?)

Feitan Titles: Masked Rider!...este... Tuxedo Mask!...este...(Continues with all the 'Mask' name-calling)
Age: 28
Number: 6
Nen: Houshutsu
Weapon: I dunno... but his body is covered with poison!
Appearance: Black... everything is black...
Counterpart: 'Kareen'

His smile is scary... Nothing much is known about him... If you have any info, please do tell!

Nobunaga Titles: Battousai-wannabe!
Age: 30
Number: 10
Nen: Kyouka
Weapon: Oooooo... katana....
Appearance: Black... everything is black...again.
Counterpart: 'Clarissa'

He's Ubogin's best friend. He wants to recruit Gon. According to our Dancho, he's stupid. That's all.

Coltopi Titles: Hair-ball!
Age: 25 (so young!)
Number: 3
Nen: Gugenka
Weapon: Duplicates...
Appearance: Hairball...
Counterpart: 'Ben'

He's a hair-ball. Yes, he's a he. He can duplicate stuff. I'm sleepy.

Phinx Titles: Egyptian man!
Age: 33
Number: 12
Nen: Kyouka
Weapon: His hands...
Appearance: No eyebrows...
Counterpart: 'Eva'

Second strongest in physical force. Dat's all.

Bonorenolf Titles: Mummy...
Age: 30
Number: 13
Nen: None?
Weapon: .......
Appearance: Mummy...
Counterpart: 'Noel'


Hibiemi Hoshizora Titles: Wind Priestess, Aircon, Fan (as in electric fan!)
Taken from: Gensomaden Saiyuki/HxH Doujinshi 'Mirai-E' by Yours Truly.
Age: 15
Weapon: Naginata, Kaze Kikyou
Nen: Tokushitsu
Appearance: Brown hair split on the left side. Has one silver earring dangling from her left ear. Large, round, brown eyes.
Blood Type: O
Counterpart: 'Liane'

In the doujin, Hibi is the charismatic, ever-smiling sister of Hakkai. Her Tokushitsu ability is using her aura as a healing atmosphere which can heal any wound but if it was against an enemy, it becomes a windy atmosphere. Her Kaze Kikyou is a variation of Hakkai's Kikyou. If Hakkai can concentrate his ki (in HxH it's called aura) into balls which can heal, protect or kill, Hibis is a wind version which is a bit more stronger since when it is created, it becomes a vortex which sucks up the wind to make it stronger when it is released, the winds shatter at the foe's face making the Kaze Kikyou stronger than usual Kikyou.

Illumi Titles: Scary Brother O.O
Weapon: Pins
Appearance: Straight black hair and eyes. Emotionless...
Counterpart: 'Bea'

Killua's onii-chan. Killua is afraid of him. Both him and Hisoka could make the most scariest duo in the world... *gulp* Illumi is a real good and well-trained assasin. Which would make him another fine product of the Zoldik/Zaoldyeck/Whatever you spell it! family.

Killua Titles: Gon's best friend! Whee!
Age: 12
Place of Birth: Kukuru Mt.
Height: 158cm
Weight: 49kg
Blood Type: B
Nen: Enka
Weapon: His hand... Creepy...
Appearance: Cute! White/Bluish hair and deep blue eyes ^-^
Counterpart: 'Ramon'

Born from the same line of assasins as his brother (see Illumi.), he's one dangerous killer... Bored and tired of killing, he decided to rebel against his own family and try to kill them all and get the huge bounty on their heads. He has a good resistance to all types of torture, that's including electrocution, poisoning and pain. Yet, his only flaw is his fear for those stronger that him, like his brother, Illumi.
Being Enka type, he is able to change his surrounding aura into electricity. Looks like he has found the joys of playing on a 'Joy Station'... Ain't that cute? ^-^

Don't worry! More will come soon enough!