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Welcome to Mysterio delas Felipinas,

There has been a major upgrading of the website, making it more interactive. I had created a Flash website that will be very much like browsing through a Multi-media program, much like a cd-rom.

But there are some problems. First, there will be some surfers who will not be able to view the Flash website because they don't have the program. And there are some information that can never be placed on the Flash Website, such as lists of herbal names. Besides, Flash websites can never replace HTML sites.

And so the old HTML site will not be closed down. It will remain online unless my space becomes short. And most important, new articles will be shown first using the HTML site rather than the Flash one.

And so I present the sites, may you enjoy their content and may you benefit.

Thank You and God Bless!


The HTML Site

The original website that was first introduced last year.

Best Viewed on Microsoft I-explorer 3.0, 4.0 and 5.5 Other versions tend to destroy it!!

Flash Website

The new interactive website. You will be needing Flash in order to view this site. If you do not have flash, you can download it here.

Please take note that the Flash Website still is under construction and therefore still is incomplete. To get updates and information about the site, join the mailing list, use the form below:

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