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Kay and USA Mike's Lynx

drawing of Kay Hanley by IzzY World (Thanks, IzzY!)


Kay Hanley and Linus of Hollywood formed a new band, Palmdale and released an EP, available on iTunes! Preview the entire EP and get a free track here! Palmdale is on Twitter, myspace and Facebook!
Check out their video blogs and their recent interview in Goldmine! Watch live Palmdale and Kay videos from the Ayatollah of Rock-n-Rolla!
Kay on Twitter!

Listen to and buy Kay Hanley's Weaponize!
Kay Hanley concert review/Download "Cellars by Starlight"
Listen to and buy Kay Hanley's Baby Doll EP!
Review of the Babydoll EP from article - Kay Hanley: No Democracy
Mama Kay - article

Kay Hanley at
USA Mike, Producer at!
Kay Hanley photos by Carrie Nuttall
ZOE Records Cherry Marmalade page
Photos from 8/13/02 Newbury Comics performance (thanks to Marla Tiara)
Kay videos from the Ayatollah of Rock-n-Rolla
Audio Interview with Kay - 15 minutes (RealPlayer)
Cakewalk artist profile of Kay

LTC reformed in 2008-9 with a new CD and mini-tour!

Listen to and buy Letters to Cleo's new CD!
Letters to Cleo Reunion Slideshow
MP3s from LTC's 5/23/09 show in Dallas!
Letters to Cleo's Reunion at the Paradise, 12/9/08!
Download High Quality Letters to Cleo videos!
Listen to Letters to Cleo at!
LTC Reunion Tour Press Kit with HQ photos and MP3s of "Here and Now" and "Awake"!

the dilettantes at
Photos of Kay and Michelle at TT the Bears 7/14/05
Layne at myspace - USA Mike produced their EP!

Letters to Cleo Online
Punk Princess' LTC Site
Cherry Marmalade Reviews:
Bluesock Daily Vault Sound Digital Collegian Candy for Bad Children

Great Generation O! Fansite with the songs!

Official Generation O! Site
Respond II Project Kay contributed a track to their benefit CD!


The Real Josie
Just Livin' On a Sunday Mornin' - LTC Site!
Revolution Records page for Go!
Second Winds - Kay discusses Cherry Marmalade
Addressing the Truths of Growing Older (Amplifier Magazine)
Kay wins Boston's Best Music Poll in 2003!


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