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Why is this site called Josie's Lynx?

Josie's Lynx is 11!

April, 2013: It's not too often that a Josie and the Pussycats fansite gets a major update these days, but one of our favorite Josie sites, Jo, Mel & Val, has a new look and now includes a fanlisting and expanded galleries! Great job, Sarah! Check it out and join if you're a fan:

Kay Hanley and Linus of Hollywood formed a new band, Palmdale and released a couple of EPs, available on iTunes! Palmdale is on Twitter and Facebook!

Kay Hanley, whose voice was the best thing about the movie's soundtrack and her husband, guitarist and producer USA Mike Eisenstein, who played most of the guitar and bass parts on the Josie soundtrack, reformed their band Letters to Cleo in 2008 and 2009 and also released a new Letters to Cleo CD, available through Letters to Cleo's redesigned site, which also features a few high quality Letters to Cleo videos! You can also get the reunion tour press release, high resolution photos and MP3s of their hits "Here and Now" and "Awake" here! Kay was kind enough to post a link on her site to MP3s from LTC's 5/23/09 show in Dallas! Kay and USA Mike released an excellent CD a couple of years ago, Weaponize, and copies are available at Newbury Comics!.

Pussycats Unplugged

is a new page here to remember all the Josie, Rachael, Tara, Rosario and Kay Hanley-related websites that once served the inPurrNet, but are now unplugged. Since Yahoo! pulled the plug on Geocities last year, a number of sites are commemorated by their banners and names there.

Thanks to those of you out there who have visited and especially to you who were kind enough to write and contribute to this site! It's because of you that Josie's Lynx is still here! I would like to especially thank IzzY World, a talented artist from the U.K. whose friendship and contributions to this site have been very appreciated! Thanks very much, IzzY!

Josie's Lynx Presents: Original Art by IzzY World!

Josie's Misc.-ing Lynx brings you all the Josie info you won't find easily categorized, including an expanded page of links to the best

Even if you've been here before, you'll notice a big change in Josie's Gallery Lynx and Josie's Multimedia Lynx with lots of new music and photos! If you loved the Josie soundtrack and Kay Hanley's voice, there's a lot more great links to music and info on the Kay and USA Mike's Lynx page!


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