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"I do Bar-Mitzvah's, too!"

Our Officiat, David Kozen

Left fang on blue.

Angie Kochenderfer & Tina Sims

I think Amy Brown made a statue like this once.

Christie Rees & Chris Cox

Everyone does it, but seldom as well ...

Tommy Schwanfelder & Jason Stanley

Dressed as the exact same thing last year!

Lucky ... or Crackers ... or Lucky. It's so hard to tell.

Comparing wings.

Kevin O'Brien & Christie Rees

The spokesmodel that WON Star Search held the Baby Ruth right-side-up.

Billy Horne

Remember the Marsupilami? This isn't it.

Mark Roller

Stayin' alive, stayin' alive ...

Mark Roller

Next year they're bringing the pink flamingo

Ashton Thorpe, Emily Thorpe & Jeremy Thorpe

How many jealous brides do we need at this wedding?

Tommy Schwanfelder & Mikki McLeod

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