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Aren't those Mufasa's feet?

Rik McDaniel

The party is just getting started! Who's up for some SCIENCE?!!

??? & Chris May

Can you spare a dime?

Rachel Biehler, Tim Biehler, Rik McDaniel

Looks like Prison Tigger with Grope Action is at it again!

Mark Roller and Rik McDaniel

"Shall we dance?"

Kevin O'Brien & Holly Gatlin

It's too bad he couldn't find a costume

Kevin Fryberger

What do you think she keeps in the belt pouches?

Tracie Schumaker

The Dude & Walter

Scotty Schumaker & James Donmoyer

The Incredibles ... with beer

Tommy Pikul & Brooke Ratti

Sir Hep-hep

Christian Roman

You got a problem?

James Donmoyer & Tim Biehler

Forced smiles won't get you out of the ceremony!

Erin Treanor & Anne Clark

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