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Final Fantasy VII (7)

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Name Cloud Strife
Age 21
Description He's a bit of a recluse is our Cloud. He left home at a young age in the hope of following his hero Sephiroth. As the story unfolds he doesn't seem to be who he says he is... Spooky!
Weapon Big Sword
Ultimate Limit Break


Name Aeris Gainsborough
Age 22
Description A beautiful mysterious girl. She lives with her Mother in the Sector 5 Slums in Midgar. Selling flowers she grows herself, they just manage to get by. When she meets Cloud she decides to get-up and go! As she discovers more of her heritage... maybe she should have stayed at home! 
Weapon Staff
Ultimate Limit Break Great Gospel

Name Barret Wallace
Age 36
Description Barrets a bit of a hard nut. He doesn't trust anybody, let alone himself. He blames himself for the disaster of his home town where he lost most of his family and friends... all except his young daughter Marlene. His main goal in life is to destroy Shinra, and stop then destroying the world with there Mako Reactors.
Weapon Gun Arm
Ultimate Limit Break Catastrophe 

Name Tifa Lockhart
Age 21
Description Clouds life long friend. They grew up in Nibelheim together and were perhaps in love at one time. She is a strong hearted young girl and understands Cloud. She owns a wonderful little bar in Sector 7.
Weapon Glove
Ultimate Limit Break Final Heaven 

Name Red XIII (Nanaki)
Age 46 to us. (16 to his people)
Description The last remaining survivor of his species. Captured by the evil Hojo of Shinra's Scientific Dept. He was almost forced to breed with Aeris! He joined the team when he was Rescued with Aeris. He spent most of his life believing that his Father was a traitor and deeply hated him, but as the story goes on... boy was he wrong!
Weapon Barrett
Ultimate Limit Break Cosmo Memory

Name Yuffie Kurugi
Age 16
Description Dictionaries have "Yuffie" Under "Rebel!" She is a young Ninja from Wutai. She often travels around Gaia, stealing peoples Materia when they are not looking! When Cloud first meets her, he needs to be careful what he says!
Weapon Throwing Star and Origami.
Ultimate Limit Break All Creation

Name Cid Highwind
Age Old
Description A bit of a weirdo! He was chosen to be Shinra's first man in space, but all that was spoilt by his fussy wife! So now he begrudges her and spends his life tinkering about with planes and stuff! But when Shinra decide to re-open the space program without him... he isn't a happy puppy!
Weapon Lance
Ultimate Limit Break Highwind

Name Sephiroth
Age Old as the hills.
Description A quiet man who never asked questions. But when he was sent to sort a monster problem at the Nibelheim Mako Reactor, he found something that made him think. he realised what he was... he got really pissed off!
Weapon Long Sword
Ultimate Limit Break n/a

Name Vincent Valentine
Age Unknown
Description A former Turk imprisoned in an eternal sleep. He wakes up a grumpy man, with a grudge. Reluctant to help the team at first, when he learns of Sephiroth... he's out of there like a whippet!
Weapon Gun
Ultimate Limit Break Chaos

Name Cait Sith
Age Unknown
Description A stuffed, fortune telling thing with a toy cat on its back... hmmm...

The real Cait Sith is a psychic member of Shinra. He is sent to spy on the Team as the stuffed toy. Nice...

Weapon Megaphone
Ultimate Limit Break Slots