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+Defenders of the Realms+

Last Update 5.28.2005


While the Sailor Scouts were on the moon there were powers that had been on the stars for some time. The moon needs help so the Queen of the Stars sends the Scouts of the Stars, 13 sailors to help strengthen the moons powers. Much later those same scouts are reborn into America. Estrella re-awakens them and they continue their destiny. Will they one day meet up with the Original Sailors? and What will happen?


TODAY- "All that glitters is not gold. All that wonder are not lost." -FOTR

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This layout was made by me and the images were created by me as well. Please don't take anything without permission. Sailor Moon is (c) Naoko Takeuchi and all credits go to her. All scout colors, themes, and anything dealing with them is (c) by me and any likeness to any other scout is unintentional.