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Eriador's Purpose Statement:

"The purpose of Eriador is to promote the creation and growth of realms in Iowa and in surrounding states. In doing this it also maintains a loaner arsenal, purchases large items for use by member realms, and organizes inter realm events. Member realms are encouraged to fight and camp together at events, but arenít required to do so."
-The Eriador Charter

Current member realms of Eriador include Nan Belegorn (Cedar Falls) and Tir Asleen (Ames). There are currently fledgling groups in the Quad Cities, Omaha, and Des Moines (Solashmar Tir) all of which we associate with and support.

The sign of Eriador is known as the Az (pronounced "Oz" like the Wizard of Oz). The Az is composed of five segments. Their symbolism explains the foundation of our alliance, our spirit, and our people.

The Flame: The flame represents our passion and energy to work and to grow.

The Horn: The horn stands for many things. It is the horn of music and drinking in times of peace. It is the horn of battle in times of war. Our enemies and allies both hear the horn; one preparing for festivity, the other howling for blood.

The Heart: Our center is the heart. It represents both Mother Earth and the lands in which we dwell. Our homelands are our lifesource, our support, and our vitality.

The Cornerstone: The cornerstone is the foundation of our values and beliefs, particularly those upheld by the AKG: Honor, service, skill, growth, and glory to Eriador.

The Claw: Power, battle prowess, and the strength of our armies all tear forth from the claw.