Live Action Gundam Movie----------------

Well you know how much we all want a live action Gundam movie, but now that dream might not be to far off thanks to our nice friends in Japan deciding make actual size Mechas to help encourage the creaters of Gundam to start the production. Yes I do have pictures. Isn't this amazing rumor has that the Mecha may in the future, have the ability to function like a realm mecha as you can see from the picture below with the seat and gears. More information is coming in right now so just take a brake and check back here daily for an update. As far as I've heard the Mecha structure is made of steel and durable plastic and the Mecha bends at all the appropriat joints. I have to say it again, Isn't this just amazing. If you have any more information on this subject please email me. Thanks and enjoy the pics.

Zone of Enders Anime--------------------
News has surfaced from Japan Z.O.E will serve as the basis for an entire anime series. Though the series is currently in the planning stages and story details scarce. Being created by Sunrise, who are also responsible for Gundam, the video, Z.O.E 2167 Idolo, will be released as a separate item at the same time as the game.
New information has been disclosed on Xenosaga through the development team. The game's full title has been revealed to be Xenosaga Episode 1: The Will for Power. According to director Tetsuya Takahashi, since many things in Xenogears "did not turn out to be what they were originally conceived", Xenosaga will "reset" the series. It's "neither a remake nor a sequel, it's more like redoing the original plan." "Xenogears started in a fantasy world, but this time our number one objective is to picture a large "epic poem" in a SF world, set in space from the beginning to the end."
Some new information about the battles and system have also been revealed. The field view is in full 3D. Character designer Kunihiko Tanaka's art has been made into 3D models, and although the camera uses various angles, the player will apparently not be able to rotate the camera angle freely, as in Xenogears.
The battles are not random as Xenogears' were, they are rather triggered by the contact of monsters encountered on the field (a la Lunar). When enemies catch sight of the party, they will start chasing it. It's also been mentioned that you "can ride your robot only once during battles", although no further information on the use of mechas has emerged.
Additonnally, the first bit of character info is now known: the main character is Shion Uzuki, a glasses-wearing girl, who incidentally shares the same last name as Xenogears' Citan - though they're apparently not related.
Xenosaga is 30% developed right now, as Monolith Soft is still in the process of recruiting new staff for the project. The game is planned to be released in December in Japan. There has been no announcement on a possible North American release so far, but we'll be sure to keep you informed as soon as new info emerges.
A new Manga series set for release by the Gundam 0079 Character Designer (and F-91 and Zeta) on June 25, 2001. It will be a reunion of Tomino and Yoshikazu Yasuhiko since then worked on Gundam 0079! The series is titled "GUNDAM A" and will be a retake on events in the original series! Small changes are planned in Mecha design. The series is set to be released in 100-page chunks. Watch for it!
Armored Core MoH--------------------
For all of you that got those early versions of A.C. MoH with that annoying '2 player mode' broken radar, well there's actualy somthing you can do about it. Agetec will replace your game for free. Just email '' and tell them that you would like your game replaced.

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