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Below are a number of new mecha games of which I have not listed any info on. If you would like to make a site deticated to one of them or if you know of a site that already gives info on them please let me know so I can update. Thanks!
Robot X Robot, Getter Robot Wars, Assault Suits Valken 2, The Mechsmith Run=Dim, Super Robot Wars Alpha.
Live Action Gundam Movie
Well you know how much we all want a live action Gundam movie,
but now that dream might not be to far off thanks to our nice
friends in Japan decided make actual size Mecha to help encourage
the creaters of Gundam to start the production. Yes I do have
Armored Core MoH
For all of you that got those early versions of A.C. MoH with that
annoying '2 player mode' broken radar, well there's actualy a way to
fix it....

New layout and background
Please let me know of any new mecha games or animes I don't have listed on my site cause I know I'm missing alot.
Mecha Seal-
If you have a mecha related website let one of the ROM staff
members analize it and if it has the right juice we'll award you with
the Mecha Seal.
ROM has a chatroom. You must have AOL to chat though. Go to
Find a chat, then look under arts and entertainment, created by aol
members, and its called 'Mecha Animes Games'. Help keep the chat
always going.
01- There was a reference to ZOE in MGS2. The letters Z.O.E. were
written on one of those boxes you hide under.
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