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U p d a t e


After a LONG break, and trouble with service providers, web space and just about everything else, I am giving the site a bit of a re-jig and hunting down all the glitches.


Genetics guide uploaded - everything explained, from DNA up. I've explained everything in simple terms, with plenty of examples - even my Mum understands it!


Ok, who says gap-years are a waste of time? The site gets a facelift! Better design, updated information, plus some new dog articles. Enjoy.


Having *finally* finished my A-levels I have some free time to work on the site. I've added a quick links section and a few new articles. Enjoy!


N E W ! I have added links and information about some new pets: rats, mice, rabbits, chinchillas and ferrets. They are all together on this page - click here!


N E W ! Printable fact sheets/checklists have beeen added for every pet featured Find links to these on the main page of the pet you want.


N E W ! A news section has been added to the homepage - any animals in the headlines will be featured here! Updated regularly, this should be a useful and interesting new feature.


After a successful start, I decided to re-do the site to fix a few problems and to make it easier to use. *Hopefully* all the links will be working fine.


N e w s

9. April 2003 - Puppy Swallows Kitchen Knife And Lives

A 12-week old Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross called Jake swallowed a 7-inch kitchen knife, which was only discovered when vets took an X-ray. It was the length of his body, and the tip was pointing at his throat. Remarkably, after an operation to remove it, the dog is fine.

7.December 2002 - £100 Million To Be Spent On Pets This Christmas!

A survey conducted by The Times estimates £100 million will be spent on Christmas presents for pets in the UK. Plus, a fifth of cats and a quarter of all dogs will have a turkey dinner. Yum!

28. August 2002 - Pets Could Help Reduce Allergies

US research has found that spending time with cats and dogs as a child means you're less likely to become allergic to them. Millions of children in the UK suffer from asthma and other allergic conditions like eczema, which have been linked to animal fur.

18. July 2002 - Pet Obesity Is A Growing Problem

Over 50% of UK cats and dogs are overweight, mainly due to overfeeding. Obese animals will have trouble walking and breathing, develop heart problems and diabetes. The solution: stop feeding your dogs and cats treats!

14. February 2002 - Cloned Cat

The first cat clone has been created. Named Cc (Copy cat, or, Carbon copy), the cat is the genetic copy of a cat called Rainbow, and was born on 22 December 2001.

However, marked differences in colour, weight and personality between the two cats have developed, proving the important effect of the environment on the way an animal develops.

There is huge concern about the ethics of this project. Derek Conway of Cats Protection said "The cloning of cats interferes with nature and raises serious questions concerning whether a pet can ever be truly replaced."

Cc's creation was funded by Genetic Savings and Clone. For updated information, click here.

13. December 2001 - Watchdog Report Revels 'Pets At Home' Cruelty

A Watchdog report into the chain of pet stores 'Pets At Home' revealed that staff were actively cruel to animals. Dead fish were left floating and decaying in tanks for days before being removed. Sick animals were left until they were so ill they had to be put down. David Woodward, a former employee, said: "Basically, if there were any sick animals they were placed out the back. It was basically just the warehouse. They were placed on a shelf and it was very, very cold. A lot of the time during the winter we wore coats to work in there, that's how cold it was. The animals were just kept on a shelf in the open; they weren't closed off or anything like that. The cages were just stacked on top of each other."

The conditions were horrific, with the company concentrating on their financial affairs rather than the welfare of their animals. A vet inspecting the premises said: "I was disgusted. Vast overcrowding, just dirt and filth all over the floor. Sawdust bedded in hamster cages three and four inches deep, with dead hamsters at the bottom of it. Live hamsters running around on the top. It was horrendous." For more information visit the Watchdog website.

December 2001 - Pets Are Good For You

After a National Opinion Poll conducted by the Blue Cross, 77% of GPs said that they believed owning a pet makes you healthier. Benefits to owners include lower stress levels, lower blood pressure and faster recuperation from illness. Dr. Stephen Henry of Wiltshire said "It's a pity we can't put pets on prescription."

5. November 2001 - Cat Trained To Spy On Russia

The CIA spent £10 million training a cat to spy on Russia in an operation termed "Acoustic Kitty". The cat was fitted with microphones and an antenna to transmit conversations, the only problem being its short attention span. Unfortunately the operation failed horribly when the cat was run over on its first mission spying in a park.

October 2001 - Harry Potter Owl Worries

After seeing the Harry Potter movie it is thought that many children will want owls for Christmas. Harry has a Snowy Owl named Hedwig, and hundreds of owls star in the movie. Owls do not make good pets and experts worry that many will be illegally released into the wild if their owners can't cope. For more owl information, visit the World Owl Trust.


I n f o r m a t i o n


This is a UK based site which acts as a database for anyone who owns or is thinking about owning a pet. Select the animal you are interested in from the links on the left hand side. There you will find information divided into the following categories: -

Information about what to look for and where to get it.

Where will your new pet live? And what will it eat?

Daily care required by your pet.

Vaccinations, castrations, ailments and checkups.

The cost of your pet - weekly, yearly and a lifetime.


Click the icons in each section to go to the pages you want.

Hopefully after reading all the information, you will be fully prepared for your new pet, and will have decided which best suits you. If you would like to learn EVEN MORE, follow the pet-specific links found in each section.


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