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Owning a ... dog

The dog has long been known as "man's best friend" and makes a very good pet. A dog requires a lot of attention - daily walks, feeding, grooming, training, playing... and tummy-tickling! Taking on a dog is a big responsibility and a lot of fun!

N E W : print-out checklist & factsheet

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Choosing a dog: sex, breed and where to get it
Food and equipment you will need


Training, grooming exercise and play
Vaccinations, health and ailments










Mypet dog ... Muffin

We adopted Muffin from the NCDL (now Dogs Trust) Centre in Shoreham in 1995. He was actually born on my eleventh birthday. He's a labrador-cross x unknown, and affectionately termed a Heinz 57. He adores living near the beach and paddles nearly every day. He also has a substantial collection of squeaky toys and enjoys chasing squirrels, despite his complete lack of success.



d o g- a r t i c l e s

Choosing a puppy - which one is best for you?

Housetraining your puppy - how to prevent accidents!

Bad behaviour - biting and rough play.


The cost of a dog: a run down of initial and yearly bills
d o g- l i n k s

K9online - behaviour, health, diet, insurance...

Dog Services - if you are searching for dog-related services, you'll find them here!

Vetinfo4dogs - excellent dog health site.

Dog Owner's Guide - choosing a dog, survival kit, breed profiles, health issues.

The Kennel Club - This site aims to provide you with the information required to be a responsible dog owner and to help keep your pet safe and contented.

Hearing Dogs For Deaf People - a registered charity that trains dogs to alert severely and profoundly deaf people to sounds they cannot hear.

Guide Dogs For The Blind - provide guide dogs, mobility and other rehabilitation services that meet the needs of blind and partially sighted people.

Dogs For The Disabled - a pioneering, dynamic and growing charity which helps disabled people to increase their independence.

Dogs Worldwide - "The ultimate showcase for the canine world".

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