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Owning a ... cat

Cats make very good pets - they are affectionate, playful and can look after themselves! Cats come in many shapes and sizes, but most are agile creatures, jumping fences and climbing trees with ease. They have a wild side and enjoy stalking birds in the garden and patrolling the streets at night.

N E W : print-out checklist & factsheet

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Choosing a cat: sex, breed and where to get it


Grooming, playing and general care
Vaccinations, worming, fleas, health and ailments












Mypet cat ... Ruby

The world's sleepiest cat, she has "tolerated" me since 1995. Hobbies include sleeping and eating. She adores yoghurt, cardboard boxes and feathers.


The cost of a cat:- initial, yearly and a lifetime
c a t - l i n k s

Moggies - home of the excellent Cat Guide

Cat resource archive - huge database: health, behaviour, genetics, feral cats and more

Vet Info 4 Cats - an excellent cat health site

Cat Fanciers - really good breed FAQs

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Food, equipment and toys